12 Stylish Women On Broadway Because We Shouldn't Only Celebrate Them During The Tony's

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Every year, the Tony Awards grant some much deserved attention to Broadway theatre on a national stage. It goes without saying that all involved in putting on Broadway productions prove awe-inspiring, yet it's the women of Broadway who possess a little something extra for me. Perhaps it's due to a particular tenacity on stage or behind-the-scenes that comes from the unparalleled level of talent required to flourish in theatre, but the women who work on Broadway just seem to shine a little brighter.

As such, it goes without saying that the women who walked down the Tony Awards' red carpet on June 7 proved a source of fashion inspiration. Not just because they looked great, but also because they were flourishing in one of (if not the) most difficult creative fields.

Success on Broadway is a rare feat, something still even rarer among women. Case and point: In the 2014-2015 season, out of 35 original and revival plays and musicals, only eight were directed by women. The need to celebrate the women of Broadway, therefore, becomes all the more clear.

But again, to recognize them as a source of inspiration really isn't all that difficult. Their work undeniably stands as the most impressive of all, but the way each uses fashion to her advantage definitely proves of nearly equal inspo. And not just for Tony's night, but always.

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