Awkward Tonys Moments From The 2015 Red Carpet, Because Live Coverage Is Challenging Even For Broadway's Best

The Tony Awards decided to take on the red carpet on Sunday, June 7 with live streaming of the show's arriving stars, accompanied by Broadway darlings Laura Osnes, Darren Criss, and Sierra Boggess hosting. And, as with every awards show, also arriving were plenty of awkward moments at the 2015 Tony Awards Red Carpet. The coverage started at 5:30 p.m. with streaming available on the Tony Awards website, as well as the CBS website. And, even though the hosts and celebrities walking down the red carpet are used to performing live, it doesn't mean the red carpet coverage was pitch perfect.

While co-host Criss was late due to a matinee performance of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Osnes and Boggess held down the fort in his absence. Osnes is no stranger to Broadway with credits including Grease, Anything Goes, Bonnie and Clyde, and Cinderella, and Boggess originated the role of The Little Mermaid on Broadway. As stars like Corey Stoll, Elisabeth Moss, and Tony Awards hosts Kirstin Chenoweth and Alan Cumming strutted their stuff down the carpet, the Red Carpet coverage couldn't evade the weirdness that almost always comes with live telecasts. Here are the strangest — and most awkward — moments of the 2015 Tony Awards Red Carpet.

1. When There Was An Extended Convo About Skin

Emilio Sosa and Jeffrey Kalinsky talked about fashion trends with Osnes, including that skin is in. The conversation veered into weird territory with too much emphasis on the skin (we aren't watching the Tonys Red Carpet to be reminded of serial killers). They said, "Skin is a trend for spring, but I don't think we'll be seeing a lot of skin tonight." Except they missed the fact that the viewers already saw Darren Criss showing a lot of skin during the Red Carpet with a backstage video of him at Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

2. George Takai Described Himself As A Banana

Boggess asked George Takai questions from Facebook, including which show role he'd like to take on. He said he'd like to be Nostradamus from Something Rotten since soothsayers were allegedly all Asian. The sci-fi granddaddy and social media guru then proceeded to describe himself as a banana: "Yellow on the outside, but inside brown and gushy."

3. Laura Bell Bundy Had A Bird Poop On Her Dress

This embarrassing incident Laura Bell Bund proved that sh*t happens... even to Elle Woods.

4. Beth Behrs Forgot Her Dress's Designer

It may be a red carpet faux pas to not remember the name of your designer, but Beth Behrs looked so beautiful that she was forgiven by all watching.

5. Darren Criss Got Dissed By Helen Mirren

Right as Criss made it to the red carpet, Dame Helen Mirren approached him and Osnes. Criss held out his hand (painted nails and all) to shake the legendary British actress’s hand, but he got utterly denied. It obviously wasn't intentional since the two shared a nice interview, but still, it's gotta hurt when the Queen doesn't shake your hand.

6. Joel & Jennifer Grey Talked Practicing Lines Together

Boggess asked the father-daughter duo of the iconic stage legend and Baby herself, Joel and Jennifer Grey, if they ever practiced their lines together. Jennifer Grey is filming a new TV show for Amazon (Red Oaks), but she said that some of the scenes would be real awkward to practice with her father. So, really, we need to thank Jennifer Grey for recognizing the weirdness.

7. Darren Criss Mispronounced Joe Manganiello's Name

To be fair, Criss had been doing a stellar job before mispronouncing Joe Manganiello's last name. And hey, it was no Adele Dazeem.