6 Struggles Of Living Far Away From Mom

There's an exquisite feeling that comes from living far away from your mother. At first, the feeling of independence is wonderful. No obligation to anyone but yourself, no twenty questions when you walk through the door and the ability to smoke cigarettes without dousing yourself in perfume and breath mints afterward. But the novelty of all that stuff wears off very, very fast, and you're left miles away from your beloved mother, wishing you were back under her ever watchful eye, rueing the day you ever felt annoyed by her or suffocated by her rules. Your mother is everything, and you were probably insane to ever want to get away from her.

Mother's love and friendship is unique and special, we know this to be true. Her guidance is always given without judgement and is always correct. She is the glue that holds your hot mess of a life together and being far away from her might just be the stupidest decision you've ever made. But it's not. That's just the eternal infant in you talking. Life is life, and you gotta do what you gotta do. Sometimes that means being far from mamma. Now here comes the cheese: The wonderful thing about mother is that no matter how far away from her you are, you'll always be cosmically connected. You can never not be; You probably lived inside her and most likely had to slide through her vagina at some point. You can't really undo that kind of connection. And honestly, even if someone came to be your mom through non-birth means, that connection develops nonetheless.

Here are six things you'll understand if you live far away from your mother.

1. Real loneliness

When you're near mom, and you feel lonely, it's not real loneliness. If you can go and hang out with mom, so much of what you feel starts to seem trivial in her presence. But when you're far from mom, loneliness seems so desolate and hopeless and entire, because you can't just retreat to her company.

2. The true agony of illness

Being sick when you're far from mom is literally the worst. You stagger around, trying to cook the staples and do all the things she does to make you comfortable, but nothing comes out right and everything feels awful without mommy there to care for you. Which will make you feel like a giant infant, and even more at a loss without her.

3. The frustration of video chat

If you have a mom that lives far away, you probably video chat when you talk. Which means you know what it feels like to stare at the wall just above your mom's head while her disembodied voice talks to you for an hour.

4. Serious mom FOMO

My siblings live with my mom, and I get serious jealous FOMO when I see photos of them doing fun stuff like going to the pub. It's like they're constantly having the most awesome party ever and I have to work. It sucks.

5. Fear of pregnancy

If you're a woman who is close with her mother, you probably don't want to ever have to go through a pregnancy or childbirth without her by your side. It doesn't bother me if my future baby daddy is busy when I'm in labor, just as long as mum is there to hold my hand through it. Living far from mom means that any pregnancy must be planned meticulously so that you are living near her for its duration.

6. Constantly feeling incomplete

Every joy has a little something missing. Every hardship seems that little bit more difficult. Every thing is just a tiny bit less, and will never feel like it's entirely complete, when you live far away from your mother.

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