'Pretty Little Liars' Prisoner Could Be Sara, Bethany, Or Someone Else & Twitter Has A Lot Of Thoughts On The Matter

After taking several months off, Pretty Little Liars is back and breaking Twitter (again.) When another girl in a yellow top was showed in Charles' doll house (with a ton of tally marks on the wall to show she's been there forever), people on social media predictably freaked out. The show is no stranger to getting everyone talking, but for the summer premiere, fans were promised even more drama and intrigue. In fact, star Janel Parrish, who plays Mona, teased fans by saying the episode's first few moments are break-the-Internet worthy. In an interview with ET Online, Parrish said:

“I think the most unexpected moment is actually right in the very first scene of the season six premiere. Something totally unexpected is revealed in a scene that has already been shown and nobody would have possibly known that there was another angle to it. But the scene will be replayed and something will be revealed, and everyone will just be like, ‘Wait, what?!’… I think just the first two seconds of season six will break Twitter.”

So, did those first two seconds hold up to Parrish's promise? Well, has she ever lied to us before? (Technically yes, because she made us all believe Mona was dead, when she is VERY MUCH ALIVE. But, she wasn't lying this time!) Here's how twitter took the news that there's someone else in the doll house with the four Liars and Mona.

People Wondered Who The Hell She Was

This is the Charles reveal all over again. I demand to know who this girl is.

People Speculated That She Was Bethany Young

Technically Bethany is dead (she was the body mistaken for Ali's) but is anyone on Pretty Little Liars ever reaaallly dead?

Others Thought It Was Cece Drake

Or Sara Harvey...

I think the consensus here is that no one knows who that blonde was, but I can't wait to find out.

Image: Eric McCandless/ABC Family