Charles' Home Movie Is Burned On 'Pretty Little Liars', But They Really Should've Watched The Whole Thing

This was clearly one of those times where Mona would've come in handy. I appreciate Spencer and the rest of the Liars' initiative in finding Charles' lair in the dollhouse and drawing him out of his control room with fire, but they probably made a huge mistake here. On Tuesday night's Pretty Little Liars Season 6 premiere, Spencer burned Charles' home movie without checking to see if there was more to learn from it. Big mistake, Liars — HUGE. Spencer replayed only the part of the video that fans saw in the Season 5B finale before setting the reel on fire and using it to taunt Charles into coming to face them. But what if there was more?

Usually Spencer is SO much smarter and more calculated than this, but after spending all of that time in the dollhouse, I can see why she'd get this desperate. And, I mean, her plan worked — she might have destroyed important evidence that the police could've used to really identify Charles because, if we're being honest, I don't necessarily believe that Andrew actually is Charles, but they're finally free. However, we still aren't any closer to figuring out who exactly Charles DiLaurentis is and why he's been targeting all of these girls — including Sara Harvey — for over two years.

As usual, it looks like we're starting Season 6 right back at square one. Which is totally fine — if there weren't actually any answers on that tape. At the very least, from the girls' time in Charles' lair finally getting the chance to get a little payback against their tormentor, Pretty Little Liars more or less confirmed that Charles could be a twin. But, if he really is Andrew, we might've just lost the most important piece in identifying him.

Image: screengrab/ABC Family