Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘EMOTION’ Track List Is Here & What Could The Songs Be About?

Surprise! Late on Tuesday afternoon, Carly Rae Jepsen finally revealed the track list for her upcoming new album, E·MO·TION , and it does not disappoint. It's been over two and a half years since the Canadian singer released her last LP, Kiss, and apparently, she wants to reward her fans for waiting so patiently: E·MO·TION features a whopping 17 tracks (and 15 of them are new). Wow. Somebody hold me.

Unfortunately, the mystery of E·MO·TION 's U.S. release date still remains. According to the iTunes store, the album is officially set to drop on June 24 in Japan, so I hope that means we'll be getting it soon, as well. I need to know ASAP so I can completely clear my schedule. I will not tolerate any interruptions while I'm listening to E·MO·TION for the first time. I'm going to lock myself in my room, turn down the lights, pour myself a glass of cheap white wine, and press play. It's going to be an incredible evening. I can't wait!

So, based (mostly) on their titles, what might E·MO·TION's tracks be about? Just for fun, I'm going to take some wild guesses.

1. "Run Away With Me"

We actually heard a bit of "Run Away With Me" in May when Jepsen performed it at a concert in Beijing. It sounds incredible. It's about running away with the person you love. Obviously.

2. "E·mo·tion"

We also heard a bit of "E·mo·tion" in May thanks to the Beijing concert. I think the performance footage has been taken down, but if I recall correctly, it's about Jepsen's desire to be with her crush.

3. "I Really Like You"

It's about really, really, really, really, really, really liking someone. Duh. Tom Hanks was in the music video, etc. You know this already.

4. "Gimmie Love"

I think the title says it all: Jepsen wants more love. Gimme!

5. "All That"

Jepsen premiered "All That" on Saturday Night Live in April.

6. "Boy Problems"

I suspect "Boy Problems" could be about the mixed signals Jepsen's receiving from a guy (and how frustrating the entire situation is for her).

7. "Making the Most of the Night"

"Making the Most of the Night" has to be an up-tempo party anthem, right?

8. "Your Type"

The way I see it, "Your Type" could go one of two ways: either Jepsen isn't some dude's "type" and she's super bummed about it OR she is some dude's type and she's super psyched about it because she's liked him for a long time but never thought they were compatible (or something like that).

9. "Let's Get Lost"

"Let's Get Lost" is giving me major Britney Spears' "Passenger" vibes.

10. "L.A. Hallucinations"

"L.A. Hallucinations" is probably about eating tainted beef at an In-N-Out Burger in Los Angeles and then experiencing delusions while out walking around in Hollywood. Probably.

11. "Warm Blood"

Is "Warm Blood" Jepsen's Twilight moment? If so, she's a little late to the vampire craze, but I could still potentially be into it. (She looks a BIT like a vampire in the above GIF, yeah?)

12. "When I Needed You"

Breakup ballad alert!

13. "Black Heart"

Something tells me "Black Heart" is about one of Jepsen's rotten ex-boyfriends. She spills some piping hot tea, no doubt.

14. "I Didn't Just Come Here to Dance"

Right — you came to drink, too! "I Didn't Just Come Here to Dance" could be E·MO·TION's second party anthem.

15. "Favourite Colour"

I think "Favourite Colour" could be a wistful song about one of Jepsen's past relationships.

16. "Never Get to Hold You"

"Never Get to Hold You" is almost certainly a sad tune.

17. "Love Again"

"Love Again" is clearly Jepsen's Lara Fabian moment. (Just kidding, just kidding.)

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