How To Prevent Boob Sweat This Summer, Because Your Girls Don't Deserve To Feel Uncomfortable

Summer is so sweet, until you start to get sticky. As a result, the major quandary for ladies is how to prevent boob sweat. What's a girl — and our girls — to do when the weather turns warm and balmy? None of us want sweat hammocks accenting the undersides of our breasts while flirting with our summer crush at an outdoor concert. Nor to realize halfway through a presentation in class that our nerves manifested as tell-tale pools of breast sweat, the same pools that are now leaking through the front of our shirt. It's distracting to say the least.

Whether it is hot summer night sweat, or "I'm freaking out" stress sweat, sometimes our bodies' natural functions get in our way. Unless your sweaty boobs are the result of an actual medical condition called hyperhidrosis, there are some quick solutions to bring about a dryer summer for you and your girls. Sometimes it's hard enough to be a woman in this world. You shouldn't have to deal with rivers of sweat draining down the front of your shirt on top of it.

Get out there and have fun—(mostly) sweat free—with these 8 solutions for boob sweat this summer.

1. Ditch Bras That Don't Fit


To stave off boob sweat, wear a bra that fits your girls. claims that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. Why does this matter to your sweat-beaded bosom? Being smushed in too small of a cup, or too tight of a band around the ribs will provoke sweat attacks. Beat sweaty boob blues and get ye to a bra fitting specialist at a major department or specialty lingerie store. If you can't stand the idea of a strange lady feeling you up, take an online quiz to determine bra size.

2. Select The Right Bra Fabric


For hot summer days, you may want to leave your super padded, rhinestone encrusted, nylon cupcake bra in the drawer. Opt for a breathable fabric with with an open weave on the sides and back. Think cotton blends and mesh for sweat-free success.

3. Sweat Less Overall


Get your science experiment on and see how the things you eat and drink impact your sweat. Avoiding salt and super spicy foods are just a couple of sneaky ways to sweat less. Employing these tricks may mean fewer trips to the bathroom to wring out your brassiere.

4. Use Some Argan Oil

Argan Oil, $26, Poppy Austin

Big breasted women may experience additional concerns in regards to boob sweat. Not only can it be irritating, there is the risk of rash or infection due to the heat and skin-to-skin contact caused by large heavy breasts. One well-endowed Bustle expert found Argan Oil to be her only effective cure for boob sweat while also serving as an antibacterial agent and rash guard.

5. Consider Boob Deodorants

Fresh Breasts, $11, Amazon

I respect that this may seem weird, but besides appearing to be a wonky marketing scheme, boob deodorant sounds like one more health concern. Don't we have enough to worry about with aluminum-containing antiperspirants being linked to cancer? The good news is many of these products circumvent the toxins and are talc-free, paraben-free, and aluminum free. Apply as you would a lotion and live a little less slippery.

6. Get Yourself Some Boob Pads

Breast Sweat Pads, $8/dozen, Persper-Eez

Although harder to explain than grow-a-cup-size padded bras (which most kissing buddies have learned to turn a blind eye to anyways) are these maxi-pad-like products which absorb excess liquid. Breast sweat pads run from slim panty liner styles that adhere individually to skin under the fold of each breast to full-coverage products that span the undersides of both breasts and up between the deep cleavage. This might be an excellent backup product when you will remain fully clothed in a high-stress situation like defending your dissertation.

7. Going Topless Is Always an Option


If you're planning to spend the summer on the beach in Ibiza, just let the ladies sweat. Be sure to gently blot the undersides of your breasts frequently to avoid rash, infection, or irritation.

8. Make Fashion Work For You


Go into summer ready to do battle for your boobs' happiness. A polyester high neck tank is gonna keep in the heat. A silky polyester blend in a solid color is ripe for trouble. Wear fabrics that breathe, have some texture, or a print (so sweat discoloration doesn't show). Dark colors are way better at hiding sweat stains than light colors. And for the love of God, steer clear of silky rayon tops.

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