Johnny Depp & Dior Men's Fragrance Team Up, And Here's Why This Over-50 Endorsement Is Significant

Swoon city! The always-smoldering Johnny Depp is the new face of a Dior men's fragrance that will cruise onto counters soon. The devilishly handsome actor, who is equal parts pretty and rugged, will turn 52 on June 9, so this appointment and endorsement is rather significant for a variety of reasons.

Here's what we know about Eau de Depp. The new fragrance was composed by legendary perfumer François Demachy and it is the first of its kind for Dior in a decade, according to the brand's press release.

The Depp-backed, or "faced," scent won't be available until September 1 of this year. Further info about the aroma, like its moniker and details on the notes, along with further campaign essentials, are coming soon.

At first, I was like, "Wait. Captain Jack Sparrow teaming up with the House of Dior? Who'd have thunk it?" But it's actually not a strange as it seems if you think about it on a bit of a deeper level.

Here is the first look of Depp x Dior. Prepare for your stomach to drop... just little bit. Okay, a lot a bit. It's everything... from the bedhead to the goatee to the earring. Like I can't with him.

Lots of handsome hunks rep luxe and prestige brands. But why is Depp x Dior important?

Well, like that time that Brad Pitt teamed up with Chanel No. 5, it signifies a shift in outdated beauty standards and debunks the myth that youth equals beauty and age doesn't.

1. Distinguished And Established Is The New New


For so long, it seemed like advertisements for beauty products and fashion ranges were the domain of youth. But distinguished and established is the new "new." Having a celeb with an impressive resume rep a luxe brand connects more deeply with the consumer or customer. Johnny Depp brings in millions in box office receipts and is a master craftsman. That's more impressive than some nameless neophyte who is insanely good-looking and hasn't done squat.

2. Men Matter, Too!

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Regarding the female spectrum, Marc Jacobs hired Cher and Jessica Lange, each of which is over 65, as their "face." NARS drafted Charlotte Rampling, who is 69, to be the face of its products, as well. These women were gorgeous back then and remain gorgeous now, and it was so refreshing for young, hip, and prestige brands to point out that beauty is timeless and ageless. It's amazing that men are able to be celebrated in their 50s and beyond, too.

3. Johnny Deep Is An Icon


I first saw J. Depp when he was on 21 Jump Street — the TV show, not the big screen comedies— back in the late '80s. He has endured for decades, from his romances with Winona Ryder and Kate Moss to his role as a box office sure bet in a variety of franchises and left-of-center, odd roles. (What's Eating Gilbert Grape is my fave, personally). Through it all, that face has remained something to marvel at, yes, but there is so much depth to Depp. He is not just another pretty face.

Applause, applause to Dior for hiring Johnny Depp. Let's hope that men over 50 become a totally trending topic beyond this endorsement.

Images: Dior (1); Getty (3)