How To Paint Your Own Mural: A Step By Step Guide, Cuz You've Got A Blank Space, Baby — PHOTOS

When a project seems so time-consuming and complex it takes on a sinister space in your brain, you'll just never do it. Although DIY home decor is quite unarguably an adorable idea when carried out according to protocol, the whole prospect can appear so intimidating that a person (me) might just never even bother tackling it because of that. But! Sometimes kind people of the Internet share their secrets for more simple crafts, like this step-by-step guide for how to paint a mural.

Am I the only person who gets very real anxiety from blank walls? Spending much time in a room sans art or color or something going on wall-wise makes me feel like I'm in a sterile, creepy quarters, and that's just not a good feeling. Like if I visit a new friend or possible sexual/romantic conquest's home for the first time and there's nothing happening in the wall area, I know our bond will be short-lived. It's too weird and I can't deal. However, I do understand taking on a project of filling a wall with interesting items (and possibly even the additional task of collecting those interesting items) can seem threatening to some. But now there is actually no more remaining excuse since a person of the Internet broke it down is very manageable bites. Alley-oop. Here we go:

Simple enough, right? I guess the pre-step step (and most step of all, probably) would be selecting the image for the mural. I like how the person demonstrating chose a still from a film. Let's copy that, but with other important scenes from high-brow cinema. Some examples with suggestions for associated rooms:

There's Something About Mary in the bathroom

This one is subtle since it isn't the ACTUAL associated scene. It gives your company and self a little more credit than that. But you get it.

Jawbreaker in the bedroom

OK, fine. This one is a bit snobbish, also, insinuating another associated scene. Whatever, I like making people think. Or feel confused. This next one is more literal—

Mean Girls for the dining room

Obviously. And also a nice, subtle way to dissuade unwanted dinner company. What?

Images: Fotolia; Imgur; Giphy(3)