Students Sing And Dance At Their Graduation Ceremony, And It's The Real Life 'High School Musical' You Always Dreamed Of — VIDEO

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, EVERYONE. You know how you spent a large chunk of your high school career begrudging the fact that High School Musical was a peppy, commercialized lie? Well, it turns it wasn't—at least not if you attended Kahuku High School in Oahu, Hawaii. The class of 2015 had an extra special something in store for their loved ones when the the students sang and danced at graduation to not just their school song, but a whole medley of smash hits. To make it even more impressive? They learned the whole routine in the two days before graduation, and every single one of them had mastered in like a pro.

As a person with three siblings, I have probably at this point in my life attended more graduations than any sane person should. Don't get me wrong, I'm super proud of the sibs and all, but wow, I'd be way more impressed by their graduating classes if they pulled off stunts like this. Leave the long speeches at home, guys. This song and dance already says everything that is worth saying at a graduation, and so, so much more.

At first the graduation looked like business as usual, but then the kids took everyone by surprise. Here are a few of the hits you might recognize from the medley:

"I Want You Back"

"Shake It Off"

I have yet to find a social situation that is not appropriate for Taylor Swift.

"Wrecking Ball"

GENIUS CHOREOGRAPHY. I'm so jealous of the guy who got to be the wrecking ball.

"Kaipahua Kura"

According to the video, this is their own war dance from the Maori people of New Zealand.

Here's the graduation in its full glory below:

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