Mattel's New Line Of Barbies Can Wear Flats

by Julia Guerra

America’s most iconic doll is getting a kind-of-a-big-deal makeover and I couldn’t be happier for her. No longer will Barbies be forced to conquer the world, not to mention every occupation in the book, in 4 inch stilettos, because Mattel’s latest Barbie Fashionistas line will allow Barbies to wear flats due to adjustable ankles. This is huge news, people.

It's been a long time coming — the triumphant day when Barbie no longer had to meet her own expectations. Never again will our favorite childhood friend be pressured to uphold that blonde bombshell image while clad in heels and neon colored ensembles. We're saying goodbye to the signature doll little girls have bought and played with for generations and saying hello to Like-Me Barbie, aka, a more realistic version of the doll (even if she still has those inhuman proportions).

In addition to her new fab — and what I can only imagine to be relieving after 56 years in heels —footwear, the new Barbie line will feature with a variety of eight skin tones, 14 unique facial shapes, 18 eye colors, and different hair styles and colors. That's right, ladies. There is now a Barbie with an undercut. Hipster Barbie? Yes please!

Now that we've incorporated a mix of skin tones and faces, will Mattel's next batch of Barbies come in different shapes and sizes? Only time will tell.

This is definitely a step in the right direction. For many little girls, Barbie is a role model. It is not uncommon for little girls to be exposed to the Barbie phenomenon and consider everything she stands for, and wonder if that is the woman they should aspire to be. So while we wait for Barbie to represent all women, we'll take these changes and consider them immense progress.

Congrats Barbie! Girl, go ahead, take your heels off.