Lana Del Rey Lyrics That Make No Sense, But It's Totally OK Because Her Words Are So Beautiful — VIDEOS

When I first stumbled across Lana Del Rey's somewhat bizarre music video for "Video Games," I was instantly hooked. It was almost like my #sadgirl LiveJournal entries had come to life just as I imagined them: nostalgic, colorfully descriptive, and as always, overly dramatic. But man, did she make those emotions of love, loss, and drama just look and sound sooo beautiful and dreamy. Ever since that song, she has thrived as the face of dark, nostalgic pop. Lana Del Rey lyrics capture the beautiful intricacies of being a complicated woman and she writes from the heart, which means that her words can often leave listeners a bit confused.

Del Rey definitely has a strong aesthetic to her music, and her lyrics represent forbidden loves, toxic relationships, road trips through American heartland, and Hollywood dreams and realities, which are not always pretty and shiny. I don't listen to Lana Del Rey to give me reality; I listen to Lana Del Rey her for her poetry and to transport me into another life, another story. Being a fan of her music, I can totally acknowledge that she can take her poetic license to the extreme and just like many greats, her lyrics can seem to make zero sense. But, hey, life isn't always so clean cut now, is it? Check some out some of my favorite head-scratching Lana lyrics below.

"See what you've done to me/ King of Chevron"

Song: "National Anthem"

Who is King of Chevron? Does he own a gas station? Is he related to the Burger King?

"I would do anything for you, babe/Blessed is this union/Crying tears of gold like lemonade"

Song: "Ultraviolence"

I hope I never meet a man who will make me cry tears of lemonade. That sounds like it'll be really annoying and painful.

"Yo soy la princesa, comprende mis white lines/ Cause I'm your jazz singer/And you're my cult leader"

Song: "Ultraviolence"

I like the use of Spanish here ("I am the princess, understand my 'white lines'"), but the cult leader reference threw me off... just a little bit.

"Guns in the summertime/Chic-a-Cherry Cola lime/Prison don't mean nothing to me if you'll be by my side"

Song: "Florida Kilos"

Lana definitely seems to have a thing for soft drinks.

"Drugs suck it up like vanilla icys/Don’t treat me rough, treat me really niceys"

Song: "Cola"

I appreciate that she used a silly and child-like rhyme like "iceys" and "niceys," but I don't understand how drugs are anything like sucking up an innocent summer beverage.

"Blue hydrangea, cold cash divine/Cashmere, cologne and white sunshine/Red racing cars, Sunset and Vine"

Song: "Old Money"

This imagery is classic Lana — nostalgic and teeming with beautiful and expensive things — but... why?

"Cheering our names in the pink spotlight/Drinking cherry schnapps in the velvet night"

Song: "This Is What Makes Us Girls"

Lana likes to add vibrant color adjectives to random words and creates lots of kaleidoscopic imagery. It's like you just took some hallucinogenic mushrooms. I guess that isn't so bad.

"I could be yours, I could be your baby tonight/Topple you down from your sky 40 stories high/Shining like a God, can't believe I caught you and so/ Look at what I bought, not a second thought — oh, Romeo"

Song: "Lolita"

If she is pushing him off a building, why is she so eager to catch him? And what exactly was this impulse purchase she bought for Romeo?

"Diet Mountain Dew, baby, New York City/ Can we get it now, low down and gritty?"

Song: Diet Mountain Dew

Once again, no one can make soft drinks sound quite as alluring and sexy as Lana Del Rey can.

"Elvis is my daddy/Marilyn's my mother/Jesus is my bestest friend"

Song: "Body Electric"

Sure, it's impossible, but you can't imagine what kind of family dynamic this would be.

"Don't be ashamed/ Walk in the way of my soft resurrection/Idol of roses, iconic soul/ I know your name/Lead me to war with your brilliant direction"

Song: "Bel Air"

I can't wrap my brain around what is happening or what a soft resurrection could be, but it sounds pretty.

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