Your Favorite Lana Del Rey Music Video Says A Lot About You, So Choose Wisely

Say what you will about Lana Del Rey, but it's hard to deny that she has her aesthetic on lock. Since she burst onto the scene in 2011 with her debut album Born To Die, Del Rey's been delivering almost as many music videos as singles, rendered in smoky colors and replete with lots of big hair, broken hearts, and talon nails. Not a bad look. And, whether you hate to love Del Rey or love to hate her, you have to admit, she can do a lot with a little when it comes to a music video.

Whether or not you watch as a fan or just to see what she does next, it's also hard to deny that some of her videos are pretty nice. Hey, some of them are even great! She can pick out some pretty things, and she's got a great obsession with the popular, Los Angeles hotel, the Chateau Marmont — when put together, it all makes for a great video. A lot of the clips even look strikingly similar, posed in the same, bleak desert landscapes, or dramatically lit the same way. But that's most likely intentional, since, if anyone was going to, Lana Del Rey would most likely win the Tony for "Living Theatrically In Normal Life" after Jenna Maroney.

But, still — as a fan, it's impossible not to choose a favorite, no matter how similar they all are. And, what does it say about you when you do choose your ultimate fave? Check the list below and find out once and for all:

"Young & Beautiful"

LanaDelReyVEVO on YouTube

You LOVED Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio — just as much as you love finger waves, and the impossibility of the American dream. You fancy yourself very tragically glamorous, even when you’re just watching Netflix in your bathrobe. Also, the M.A.C. lipstick Ruby Woo looks great on you, so you should probably buy another tube... 'cause I know you already have it.

"Blue Jeans"

LanaDelReyVEVO on YouTube

This is your favorite, purely on the grounds that it’s really similar Calvin Klein's entire '90s aesthetic. Intentional or not, you are digging it.

"Video Games"

LanaDelReyVEVO on YouTube

Everything is soooo nostalgic to you, Don Draper style. (This would probably be Don Draper's favorite music video, to be honest.) You have a lot of Tumblr followers, and you liked Lana Del Rey before she was cool — but you're also a little bitter that very similar videos you made never went viral. You wear winged eyeliner even when you’re incredibly hungover at McDonald's, where you go for the nostalgia, and also because their fries are delicious.

"West Coast"

LanaDelReyVEVO on YouTube

Your idea of appropriate beach wear is a leather jacket and your underwear, and you rock it.


LanaDelReyVEVO on YouTube

You have a tendency to romanticize the wrong things, and it gets you into trouble sometimes, no matter how much of a free spirit you claim to be. Don't get me wrong, you should totally do you, but maybe chill out for a sec and realize that living in reality isn't so bad either — at least part-time!

"Burning Desire"

Lana Del Rey on YouTube

Everything you learned about sex, you learned from Twin Peaks.

"Summertime Sadness"

Lana Del Rey on YouTube

You love to take selfies (as you should). You're sad in the summer, but wayyyy more sad in the wintertime... so, of course, summer’s the lesser of two evils. You write weird poems when you can’t sleep, and waste a lot of gas just driving around (or at least you would, if your car had air conditioner). You wear tennis skirts ironically.