Pregnancy Timelapse Video Shows How Your Life, Not Just Your Body, Changes When You're Expecting

Timelapse videos tracking a pregnancy from its early stages all the way to the baby's arrival have become pretty trendy these days. As such, it's not totally surprising that we've got another one on our hands — but what is interesting about this pregnancy timelapse video is that it captures not only how a body changes during pregnancy, but also how a house, your surroundings, and your entire life start to change when ou have a baby on the way. The fact that babies change everything isn't a concept you have to have kids in order to understand, but few things drive it home quite as strongly as this video does.

Created by the humans who own Dunder the timelapse puppy, the video bears some similarities with that quirky balloon filled birth announcement and the "From Bump To Buzz" music video — namely that they're all adorable, fun ways to document this life-changing event. There's no way of knowing exactly why these videos are so addicting. It's not like we don't know what's going to happen. We all know when we click on these videos we're going to watch a woman, probably from the side, slowly start to expand over time as the baby grows. She leaves the frame, only to quickly return carrying a bundle of joy.

So yes, we know what's going to happen — but maybe it's just watching the amazing way a woman's body changes as it grows life inside of it that captivates us. Or maybe for those of us who are also expecting or hope to in the future, it's a way to see what's in store. Maybe for those of us who are adopting or using a surrogate, it's a way to see how their child came to be. Or maybe for those of us who choose not to have children these videos are a fun way to envision ourselves in a different life?

Whichever it is, these videos are beautiful and I hope expecting parents keep them coming. As for now, here are some things I learned from this recent pregnancy time-lapse that change about your life when you're expecting:

1. You Post Different Pictures

2. You're Body Changes... Early

I mean, this is only 14 seconds into a 90 second video.

3. The Meaning Of "News" Changes

Exciting stuff, indeed.

4. You Start Making Room

5. Nesting!

6. The Way You Decorate Changes

No more glass coffee tables or expensive throw pillows. Now life is about highchairs and frog-shaped diaper holders.

7. People Give You Stuff

You're making a new person. They're going to need stuff.

8. Things Get Heavy

9. Baby Starts Calling The Shots... Early

10. Your Friends And Family Learn To Be Patient With You

It's a busy time. If they love you they'll understand.

11. The Word Family Feels So Much Different

12. Unconditional Love Has a New Meaning

And it's all worth it.

Watch the whole 90 seconds of joy here:

TheDunderBoy on YouTube

Images: Getty Images; TheDunderBoy/YouTube (12)