7 Most Intense Andrew Garfield's '99 Homes' Trailer Moments That Will Terrify You & Also Make You Melt — VIDEO

Brace yourself. The first trailer for Andrew Garfield's new movie, 99 Homes , just dropped and it is seriously intense. Garfield usually plays the nice guy (and is apparently "a poet" IRL!), but, in the film, unfortunate circumstances turn the tables. It definitely looks like the movie will show off the actor's drama chops. In the trailer, single father Dennis Nash (Garfield), his son, and his mother are evicted from their home. With a family to take care off, Nash ends up working for Rick Carver, the man who kicked them out of their home. As the clip shows, things eventually escalate and tensions rise. In other words, I suspect this one will have the audience on the edge of their seats.

Although 99 Homes, which also stars Laura Dern and Michael Shannon (Carver), doesn't hit theaters until Sept. 25, it already has so much potential. (Maybe Garfield will finally score his first Oscar nomination!) From Garfield's role as a father (yes, I melted just a little) to his turn working for Shannon's tough businessman character, it looks to be a nail biter. For now, we'll settle on watching the two minute preview again and again.

You can check out the best moments from the trailer below.

1. Andrew Garfield As a Single Dad

It's a new role for the actor, but one he plays well. (Also, how cute is his son?)

2. The Tension of Being Evicted

This sets everything in motion.

3. Nash Agrees to Work for Carver

I have a very bad feeling about this. Don't do it, Garfield!

4. Michael Shannon Reminds Us That His Character Is Not a Good Guy

"When you work for me, you're mine."

5. Aaaand Now There's Guns

Nash's face says it all: This cannot be good.

6. Nash Becomes What He Hates the Most


7. The Intensity Builds

Get out while you still can, Nash.

Check out the trailer below.

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