Blake & Ryan Are Just Like 'SBTB's Zack & Kelly

Did you know that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are just like Saved by the Bell's Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski? I'm not just saying that because both couples are beyond beautiful, but I'm bringing this to everyone's attention, because it is definitely true. Granted, I didn't realize this all on my own — I received some help from Mrs. Ryan Reynolds herself. On Wednesday, Blake Lively shared a photoshopped Saved by the Bell picture of herself and Ryan as Zack and Kelly.

It took me a few seconds to recognize the old-school image of Zack and Kelly. However, after seeing that scooter, Zack's dirty blond hair, and those floral pants, it smacked me in the face that Blake and Ryan's faces were photoshopped on top of the beloved '90s couple. Then, it dawned on me just how much these two couples have in common — and not just the fact that they all have great hair.

The married couple share many similarities with the "it" couple of Bayside High. From both being popular, whether it be in high school or in Hollywood to both having major followers and fans, you could say that this foursome have always been destined to be friends forever.

With that said, here are seven ways Lively and Reynolds are just like Zack and Kelly.

Blake Too Has A Sisterhood Of Friends

Peter Kramer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Like Kelly, Lisa, and Jessie, Lively is best friends with her Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants co-stars, Alexis Bledel, Amber Tamblyn, and America Ferrera.

Ryan Is Extremely Charming


Ever notice just how darn charming Zack Morris was, when he wasn't busy breaking the rules, cracking jokes, or ruining things with Kelly? Yep, Reynolds is a charmer, too. Seriously, he could charm the socks off anyone.

Cheerleading Is Blake's Middle Name

In high school, Lively was a cheerleader. Do you think she picked up any moves from Kelly's days as captain of Bayside's squad?

Slater & Ryan Like To Prank

Move over Zack and Slater, because Reynolds and Mario Lopez are now best friends. OK, not really, but in 2015, Reynolds and Lopez teamed together for an April Fools' joke that may or may not make Zack jealous.

Ryan & Zack Love To Play Jokes

Whether it's in movies or in real life, Reynolds can't help but be a jokester. I have a feeling he and Zack would make great friends.

Blake & Ryan's Glamour Is On Point


There was never a time that Zack and Kelly's '90s styles weren't on point. The same also goes for Blake and Ryan in 2015.

Everyone Roots For Them As A Couple


Just like fans of Saved by the Bell rooted for Kelly and Zack to live happily ever after, fans can't help but hope that Reynolds and Lively live a fairytale romance.

So, when there's a Saved by the Bell movie produced, Lively and Reynolds will play Zack and Kelly, right?

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