@Congratsbot Twitter Bot Congratulates People On Cue, And Here Are 5 Times I Definitely Could've Used It

Sometimes all it takes is a hacker dude on Twitter to create something truly beautiful. Enter Isaac Hepworth, a former Twitter employee who created a Twitter bot that sends congratulatory reply messages to tweets that are already get a lot of "congratulations" messages. It's called Congratulatron, or @Congratsbot, and you guys? This is definitely something I need in my life.

According to a post penned by Hepworth on Medium, he created the bot by writing a simple Python code that automatically streams through Twitter's public API and records all the instances of tweets with words like "congrats" or "congratulations" in them. It then responds to those with the highest volume of "congrats" responses to throw one more positive message into the mix. It doesn't sound like a huge deal, and maybe it isn't, but personally, I think it's awesome that someone created a bot just to send positive vibes into the world.

Hepworth explained that he was concerned about how the Twitterverse might react, since people don't tend to love automated @responses from bots — but apparently the response thus far has been pretty good. Makes sense to me; who can complain about getting a nice message, even if it's just from a bot?

@Congratsbot is such a good idea that it occurred to me how useful a virtual high-five might be in daily life. Here are five moments I really could've used @Congratsbot.

1. When I Got My Grade Back On My Formal Logic Final Exam


A congrats would have been nice, if not slightly unwarranted considering the low C I got on the test. It was hard, OK?

2. When I Tinder Swiped Left on the Boy Who Rejected Me In High School


Like, how much could I have used a congrats right then? Very much.

3. When I Successfully Sewed The Button That Fell Off Back On To My Romper


@Congratsbot should've been there for me and my lackluster sewing skills.

4. When I Finished All of Broad City in Three Days


Commitment like that deserves congratulations.

5. All Those Times I Thought I Lost My Sunglasses But They Were Actually Just On My Head


Can I get several #congrats message for all those time, please?

Images: martin.grondin/Flickr; Giphy (5)