9 Best Beauty Products And Makeup For Sweaty People To Ensure Your Face Doesn't Melt Off

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My name is Maxine Builder, and I am a sweaty woman. I'm not just talking about the summertime, mind you (although that's when sweat proof makeup and beauty products become all the more important). I sweat all of the time, from January to December; so over the years, I've had to adjust my beauty and makeup purchases around my propensity to perspire.

But summertime is, of course, the prime season of sweat, and for those few hot months, legions of women join my ranks and struggle to figure out which beauty products are best for sweaty people.

I sympathize with each and every soul who has to deal with sweat dripping into their eyeballs, causing perfectly placed eyeliner to run, or streaking meticulously blended foundation. And I've had my fair share of moments when I felt less confident because I knew how sweaty I looked, which made me worry that I seemed really frazzled. Sweat has this strange power to make a lady feel instantly less polished and put-together, and it can be straight-up embarrassing to be so sweaty all of the time, even though it's totally natural and normal.

But do not fear, sweaty people of the summer! Even though you probably just want to jump into a fountain to cool off when you're so sweaty, there are actually tons of products designed to help keep your shine in check and your makeup from melting off. Here are the nine best beauty products and makeup for sweaty people in the summer (or year-round, as the case may be).

Image: erica_pee/Flickr

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