7 Things 'Empire' Season 2 Should Do With Hakeem Lyon, Because He Is Going To Need All The Help He Can Get

I'll go ahead and say it, Hakeem Lyon is an Empire character that can sometimes make himself difficult to love. It's not entirely his fault, though. Cookie was in jail during his entire childhood, and Lucious was too busy building his business to worry about parenting his youngest son. These unfortunate circumstances fed into Hakeem's sense of entitlement, and his deeply rooted anger towards his mother. It doesn't help that he's mega-talented and super rich, because he clearly has an inflated chip on his shoulder. After disrespecting his mother one too many times, Cookie served Hakeem the beatdown of a lifetime, and that seemed to get him in order for a short time.

Unfortunately, Hakeem's change in behavior was short lived. Too many things began happening at once. The stress of competing with his older brother Jamal, his father's ALS diagnosis, and his faux relationship with fellow entertainer, Tiana were all a bit much to handle. He seemed to reach a breaking point when Lucious sent his older girlfriend Camilla back to the U.K. Hakeem pretty much snapped. In an effort to get back at his father, he sleeps with his father's ex-fiancée, Anika.

Hakeem has weaved a very tangled web for himself, and it's going to be quite messy setting himself free. With Lucious in prison, and Jamal heading the company, I'm not sure what's going to happen in Season 2 for the youngest Lyon brother. Bryshere “Yazz” Gray who plays Hakeem spoke to Entertainment Weekly about where we'll see his character next. He said,

"I know it’s gonna be crazy. As for my character, Hakeem Lyon, he’s gonna transition. I can’t tell you if it’s good or bad. But the Lyon family, it’s very dysfunctional right now.”

I'm super excited to see how Hakeem is going to evolve. Until then, here are seven things Hakeem should do during the second season of Empire, because neither his dimples nor his swag are going to save him.

1. Hakeem Should Apologize to Lucious

Lucious is an awful person and he definitely deserves to be in jail. However, he did not deserve to walk in on Hakeem and Anika together. The first thing Hakeem needs to do in order to mend his and Lucious' relationship is to apologize to his father for being so disrespectful.

2. Camilla & Hakeem Should Get Back Together

It seems like the only other person Hakeem cared about besides himself (and sometimes his brothers) was Camilla. Though their relationship definitely has a bit of ick factor, she seemed to make him happy. Everyone deserves a bit of happiness, and, if her presence prevents Hakeem from acting like a spoiled brat, then I'm all for it.

3. Hakeem Should Go On Tour With Tiana

With Lucious in prison, and Empire Entertainment on the line, Hakeem needs to be worried about his career. He and Tiana should get back in touch, and go on tour together. Without all of the romantic stuff, they made a great team.

4. Hakeem Should Support Jamal & Andre

Honestly, I've always felt that Jamal and Andre should run Empire Entertainment together. Hakeem is talented, but Andre has a head for business and Jamal really understands musical artistry. Hakeem should put aside his ego and support his big brothers as heads of the company.

5. Hakeem Should Tell Cookie About His Encounter With Anika

I know Cookie is going to find out about Hakeem's encounter with Anika sooner or later, and, when she does, I hope Anika grabs onto her pearls. In an effort to preserve his budding relationship with his mother, Hakeem should just tell Cookie about the incident himself. She'll be mad, but it will be a lot worse if she finds out on her own.

6. Hakeem Needs To Rethink His Sound

As Cookie suggested, the best music comes from personal experience. Hakeem isn't fooling anyone with his faux hood act. His music needs to start coming from his heart. He should have more than enough experiences to rap about, especially considering all the stuff he's been through lately.

7. Hakeem Should Grow Up & Mature

No one will take him seriously unless he starts acting like an adult. Fame is hard enough, and it certainly isn't kind to people who don't learn from their mistakes.

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