How Did 'Entourage' The TV Show End? Everything You Need To Know About Vince & Whether Or Not He Made The Movie

When the show ended in 2011, Vince & Co. fans were swimming in bliss, even while they were mourning the end of Entourage on HBO. At least the more optimistic ones were. The series, which ended after eight seasons, left its viewers hanging with plots that made some fans question what would happen to the guys once they got to New York and how they would fare in their new, more settled lives. And that was actually the biggest shocker of all, for sure: A majority of the guys — in a group known for their big shot, big money, big player lifestyles — ended up finding love and settling down in the show's final episode. As shocking as this conclusion was, creator Doug Ellin also made sure to leave a lot of things up in the air. After all, Vince had to do the movie, right? The writers left enough for the Entourage movie, which premiered in theaters this week, to pick up where the series left off.

So if you thought you'd just go see Entourage to see what all the fuss is about, you may want to read this guide first. Let's revisit some of the important moments from the series finale that undoubtedly shape the movie. After all, there were a lot of storylines to follow and so many extremely sudden changes in that final hour that you may have forgotten about in the four years since the show ended. Just consider this your official cheat sheet, because lord knows you don't have time to marathon the whole series just to see this summer movie:

1. There Was A Lot Of Love To Go Around


Vince fell in love with Sofia. Ari Gold chose the love of his wife over his career. E and Sloan got back together when she discovers she's pregnant with his baby, er, because they're in love. Amore was definitely in the air for these former Hollywood players. It all that love still alive in the movie? I guess you'll have to decide how badly you want to find out.

2. They Were Still Living Large

Vince jets off to Paris to marry Sofia. Ari takes his wife to Italy to reconnect. Vince gives E and Sloan a private jet to fly anywhere in the world so they can fall back in love. They may be settling down, but these boys are still living the life. Domesticity for them still means private jets, luxury vacations, and enormous gestures of affection. It's all so sweet and over-the-top, but would you expect anything less?

3. There's A Big Move In Store

When the guys get back from their romantic impulse trips, they'll be moving to New York City. But will the tough streets of New York be big enough for all of their egos? Will their lavish lifestyles fit in? The movie is bound to be the place where we find the answers to all of these questions.

4. All Of This Change Is Like, Ridiculously Sudden


In fact, this suddenness was the main complaint that fans had with the finale: All of that love and happiness seemed to come out of nowhere. Some diehards even criticized that this mushy end was way out of character for the guys. But I kinda liked it. It all just made me more excited for the movie. I can't wait to see which of the guys made it work, how they've made it last, and what kept them out of the kind of trouble they always seemed to get into in L.A. That too-good-to-be-true ending was fine by me for a show that promised a movie follow up. I've been waiting with bated breath.

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