How Much Should You Tip For A Brow Wax?

There is nothing fun about getting waxed, and deciding how much you're supposed to tip for a brow wax isn't exactly a pain-free experience, either. When a service isn't necessarily that costly, leaving a hefty tip doesn't always make sense — but no one wants to look stingy, either.

Getting your eyebrows waxed is quick and easy. Appointments generally only last about ten minutes (maybe fifteen if you're esthetician is meticulous), and they usually don't cost more than $30 (at the most high-end places, others can be as low as $15). But despite the quick service and low cost, the rule of thumb is: tip 20% for eyebrow waxes.

Of course, if your esthetician is particularly attentive, your service is miraculously pain-free, or you're a walk in they've squeezed in at the last minute, you might want to leave a little higher of a tip, but no less than 20% as a baseline. In addition, since services of this kind can be really cheap, just bear in mind that if a 20% tip equals out to less than $5 — always round up. Leaving less than $5 is generally a beauty no-no you don't want to commit.

So to sum it up: tip 20%, or a minimum of $5.

Image: Fotolia