Does This Mean We're All Adults Now?

Apparently the sweet, sweet song of adulthood was too strong for even the likes of K Fed to ignore, as the once-husband of Britney Spears, Kevin Federline, has met the singer's latest boyfriend —a chap by the name of David Lucado for all those people playing at home — and he's "cool." Cool, you guys! David Lucado is cool! You've heard it here first (except in all likelihood you probably didn't. We didn't), America: everybody that was young and immature is now old and wise.

In this valiant attempt at sourcing "entertainment news," Federline was interviewed (or accosted, whatever they're calling these videos these days) by some folks with a camera mid-grocery jaunt. Imagine it: there's Kevin Federline minding his own business, putting Tostitos in his trunk, hoping he had enough queso dip for when Beemz and Jeremy come over (Beemz LOVES him some quso dip!), dreaming of the ice cold Coors with his name on it back at the criiiib. Just having a day of completely uninteresting normalcy. Because he's an adult now. A natural progression of life that people who are still seemingly interested in what Federline has to say have yet to ascend.

When asked about a photo — taken that morning because technology! — of Spears, Federline, and Lucado on the soccer field where the boys were playing, just hanging out (because nobody goes to sporting games to watch sports), Federline responded: "Yeah I was there watching my son play soccer."

But was it weird? I mean, it's only been like, seven years since the couple divorced — that's clearly nowhere near enough time to get over a two-year marriage, RIGHT?! Especially because Federline is married to another woman so obviously that must make him think about the other woman he married like 24/7, right? It's weird! So weird!

"Nah man, you know — everybody's moved on, except you guys," Federline quipped. And YES, it was a quip. Nobody who isn't an adult quips!

When further pressed about the highly confidential details of this Meeting of The Minds, Federline remained...tight lipped? Wait — discretion! What are you doing here?!

"We were chillin', we, you know, gotta support the kids and what they want to do," explained Federline. The kids in question are Spears' two boys: Sean and Jayden, who are 8 and 7 respectively, but still seem to have a bit more of an understanding of the real world than the reporter in question.

He did get one more juicy bit before the day was done. "That was my first time meeting [David]. He's a cool guy." STOP THE PRESSES, YOU GUYS.