Your Favorite Season Of 'Gilmore Girls' Says More About You Than You Realize

Oh, Gilmore Girls — not a day goes by that I don't pine to return to Stars Hollow. Few shows on television have felt as warm and cozy as Gilmore Girls did during its run, and, through subsequent watches on Netflix, those feelings never subside. That is one of the many reasons the show is so much fun to revisit. I know I have not stopped binging on the show since it landed on Netflix, even though I have seen every episode multiple times. How could I, when each season offers up something entirely new? I love the innocence of the first season, the daring of the second season, the build toward Rory's graduation and Lorelai's new business plans in the third season, the feeling of change in the fourth season...and so on. For both Rory and Lorelai, Gilmore Girls was a coming of age tale, and I think that is why it is so easy to relate to one season over another. But, does that mean your favorite season of Gilmore Girls can tell you a little about yourself? I like to think so.

Throughout its run, Gilmore Girls was a fairly consistent show in that it was always brilliant — that brilliance just changed its form from year and year. That in mind, let's take a look back at each of the seven seasons and see what the theme of your favorite season says about your personality.

Season 1

When I think of Season 1, one word comes to mind: innocence. The season had a gentle spirit, as represented by the warm communal feel of Stars Hollow and Lorelai and Rory's first season boyfriends, Max and Dean. Chances are, if you love the beginning of the series above all else, you long to escape to some place as full of love and warmth as Stars Hollow. Coming of age stories are your jam, and you are a romantic at heart. Even now, you swoon over Max's daisy proposal, and spend a lot of time wishing life was simpler than it is. Luckily for you, Season 1 is always waiting to pick you up after an all too real day.

Season 2

Season 2 shook the world of both Gilmore girls up. Both Rory and Lorelai started making much harder, more complex decisions, while Rory's grandparents played a bigger role than ever before. If Season 2 is your favorite, then you tend to face conflict head on. You appreciate how messy life can be, and you know it makes for good stories in fiction. Chances are you fell hard for Jess, and loved seeing Rory become less perfect — because to you, complicated is so much better than perfect.

Season 3

Season 3 is an emotional rollercoaster. There are breakups, hookups, and life-changing decisions everywhere. The feeling of uncertainty hangs heavy over every aspect of the characters' lives, but Gilmore Girls was also at the top of its game creatively. That said, Season 3 fans are very open people. You are not afraid to show others exactly how you are feeling, and you happily soaked up all of the drama Season 3 brought with it. Due to all of the fractured relationships, both platonic and romantic, Season 3 is perhaps more relatable than any other season.

Season 4

Transitions were the name of the game in Season 4. Rory moved away to college, Lorelai opened her own inn, Luke finally acted on his feelings for Lorelai, and the Gilmore grandparents broke up — everyone was ready to start a new chapter. The more mistakes the Gilmores made, the more invested you became in their stories. Season 4 fans love the mature and nuanced stories that came out of these episodes. You are lovers of drama and honesty, and Season 4 has an abundance of both.

Season 5

You are a born adventurer, aren't you? Season 5 took Gilmore Girls into uncharted territory. Rory was indisputably an adult at this point in the story, and the choices she made became more and more daring. Likewise, Lorelai started her first real, solid relationship, and had it tested in more ways than she could count. If you love Season 5, you probably have fond memories of college or another exploratory time of your life. You like being pushed beyond your comfort zone, so watching Rory and Lorelai's trials and tribulations hits all of your storytelling sweet spots.

Season 6

Dude, clearly you are a lover of pain. That's cool, though: Some people handle emotional upheaval better than others. Season 6 was full of painful endings and uncertain reunions. Trusts were permanently broken in some cases, but, as a family, the Gilmores were never more fascinating. I am going to guess you love digging into the reasons behind people's problems. By analyzing yourself and others, you feel you can gain a deeper understanding of the world around you.

Season 7

Loving Season 7 makes you a unique soul who is more than capable of handling the endings of things. You appreciate symmetry in life, and you love the way Rory and Lorelai come full circle in the end. Season 7 is hard on the heart — endings are never easy — but, like the Gilmores, you are made of some extra-durable emotional material.

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