How Can I Tell If My Beats Speaker Was Recalled? Here's What To Look For To Make Sure There's No Fire Risk

A battery issue has led to the voluntary recall of the Apple Beats Pill XL speakers. Apple released a statement Wednesday announcing the voluntary recall after it was revealed that an overheating risk may lead to the Pill XLs catching fire. Nearly 220,000 Pill XL speakers have been sold in the U.S. since hitting stores in January 2014. Eleven thousand more have been sold in Canada. So, how can you tell if your Beats device is affected?

Well, the recall only affects the XL version of the Beats Pill speakers, and not the Beats 2.0 speaker or the limited edition 2.0 speakers designed by Barry McGee that are currently also for sale on Apple's online store. According to a product description of the Pill XL, the speaker is larger than the 2.0 and includes a built-in handle as well as standard features like Bluetooth capabilities. The speaker includes a "b" logo in the middle of its front side as well as the inscription "beats pill XL" on its handle. Its colors range from standard black to pink, white, titanium, and a gunmetal grey color called "metallic sky." Apple has reported that so far eight overheating cases have been brought to its attention.

Affected customers can fill out a web request form with their address and information and the speaker's serial number, which you can find on the rubber tab covering the speaker's auxiliary and micro USB ports on the device's handle to the left of the "beats pill XL" inscription. Customers then choose how they'd like to be reimbursed: either via an e-payment of $325 or Apple Store Credit.

Apple is only allowing the recall process to be completed online. There is currently no option to return the Pill XL at brick and mortar stores. After the web form has been filled out, Apple will send a box to ship back your Pill XL in free of charge and with postage paid. It should take an estimated three weeks after Apple has received the XL Pill before affected customers are reimbursed. The XL Pill retails for $299.95 on the Apple Store's website.

This is the first Beats recall since the Dr. Dre-founded audio company was acquired by Apple for $3 billion in 2014. Previously, an issue with the power adapter to the Beats Pills 1.0 and 2.0 as well as the Studio and Studio Wireless prompted a recall in Korea after it was discovered that the wrong adapters had been shipped. Likewise, it's fairly rare that Apple recalls a product as well. According to Reuters, Apple's last recall was ironically also because of battery issues, this time on the iPhone 5.

Images: Apple