12 Times Oliver Queen's Grimace Of Disapproval In 'Arrow' Is The Only Appropriate Response

If you’re a fan of Arrow, (and really, at this point, how can you not be?), you know very well that Starling City’s hooded hero is a fairly stand up guy. You know, aside from the vigilante killings, the break-ins, the damaging of private and public properties — blah, blah, blah. No big deal! On the other hand, his alter ego, Oliver Queen, is a bit of a grump. A lovable grump, yes — but a grump nonetheless. He’s sort of terrible in general at hiding his perpetual state of disdain for the world because of this, but, the most apparent proof that he disapproves of nearly everyone and everything around him is without a doubt his A+ facial expressions — like, they're so grumpy, they make Grumpy Cat look like a ray of sunshine.

Because Oliver Queen has contorted his beautiful mug into so many varied and epic faces of disgust, discontent, and dissatisfaction, it’s become apparent to me that it can be applicable to all of us in our own lives. Thanks to the wondrous world wide web, we have a plethora of GIFs of his epic grimace, for us to use at our disposal no matter what situation we're in — and I say we take advantage of them!

So, to get you started — and because we can’t all brood as well or as long as a superhero — here are 12 GIFs of Oliver Queen’s grimace of disapproval for you to use in nearly any instance.

When You're Unsure Of How You're Going To Look In A New Concealer

Is it too light for my skin tone? Is it too dark for my skin tone? Is it going to make my face look cake-y?

When Someone Asks For A Bite Of Your Meal

Say it with me now: "Get your ownnnnnnnn."

When You Get A Particularly Racy Message On Tinder

Well, then!

When You're Forced To Sit Through A Story You've Heard 5 Times Already


When Your Friend Cancels Plans On You That You Were Super Excited About

You don't though. You don't understand.

When The Restaurant Catches You Putting Soda In A Water Cup

Guilty and horribly embarrassed as charged.

When You Realize You've Left Your Tab Open At The Bar... And You're Already Home


When You Get Your Period On A Friday

And you're subsequently bloated and irritable.

When You Hear Your Younger Sibling Come Home Later Than You

Smells like trouble.

When You Feel Morally Obligated To Leave A Tip Despite Terrible Service

It hurts being such a good person sometimes.

After You Go On A Date With Someone, And It Goes Particularly Bad

It's like it never happened.

When Someone Sits Next To You On An Empty Bus

Previous defense mechanisms have failed, time to bring in the big guns.

Images: The CW; Giphy (12)