7 'Arrow' Trailer Moments That Will Entice Olicity 'Shippers For The Final Episodes — VIDEO

Olicity fans are going to want to read this very closely. The CW has released a new trailer for the last few episodes of Arrow that tease a slew of highly anticipated moments. Among them are Oliver seemingly ready to pick up the Ra’s al Ghul mantle, Roy attempting to survive prison life, Ray Palmer getting pumped for his A.T.O.M. suit and — the moment we've been waiting patiently for —Felicity gettin' it on with her vigilante lover. At the risk of getting into any spoilers from the current Arrow season... we're gonna! So, stop reading now and enjoy the Arrow trailer breakdown below in GIF form. See? Everyone can win.

Wednesday night's Arrow pretty much changed the course of the superhero drama as we know it. Ra's al Ghul slew another Starling City mayor and riled everyone up to go on a manhunt for the vigilante. This led to Oliver getting arrested, although his sidekick Roy wanted to do right by his mentor and took the fall instead. Elsewhere, Oliver must decide whether he's going to accept Ra's al Ghul's offer and join the League of Shadows, while there's also the upcoming Arrow - Flash spinoff, which will see a team-up of characters from the larger universe banding together for a Justice League-style scenario. There's a lot to look forward to, and with only five more episodes to spare.

In preparation for the epic finale, we're dissecting the latest trailer to slow down some of the moments that Arrow fans will wanna keep an eye on...especially that Oliver-Felicity hook-up. So, let's begin.

1. Off Come The Glasses...

Before we get into some of the big reveals in the Arrow trailer, let's start with what we're all waiting for. We hear Oliver say, "Everything I did, everything that happened has led me right here to this moment." He's probably talking about the whole Ra's situation, but his cool motion of taking off Felicity's specs suggest otherwise.

2. ...Off Comes The Shirt...

Damn you, The CW, for chopping up the Arrow trailer just as it's getting to the good stuff. You still get the idea, though. Things are heating up for Olicity.

3. ...And We Have Lift Off!

Sometimes you just have to be manhandled. And other times you just have to be manhandled by the hottest piece of eye candy walking around Starling City. Everything else about the final episodes can wait while we just watch these GIFs over and over... and over.

4. Atom-Arrow Team-Up

I want more team-ups—and it looks like I'm getting them. Aside from the upcoming spinoff, which will reportedly see Ray join forces with Hawkgirl, Black Canary and more DC heroes, Ray is pumped to fight alongside Oliver. The man knows how to wear a suit... a size-shrinking, super-powered suit, that is.

5. Roy In Prison

In the beginning of the Arrow trailer, Roy seems pretty confident in his decision to go to jail for his mentor. Unfortunately, prison life doesn't suit him well. The Hood has put a lot of Starling City's worst behind bars, and by the looks of this scuffle it looks like they're taking their frustration out on the man they think is the vigilante. Hopefully Oliver can break him out, as promised, before anything too serious happens to him.

6. Atom Pulls An Iron Man

Does this scene look familiar? Robert Downey Jr. does this a lot — practically in the same manner, too — as Stony Stark/Iron Man in the Avengers and Iron Man films. Here, Ray is finding out what it feels like to be a "billionaire playboy philanthropist" and the perks that come with it.

7. Who Is This Woman?

The biggest question from the Arrow trailer — besides how long that Olicity sex scene will last us —is regarding the identity of this mysterious woman. It seems she has something to do with the League of Shadows. Is she one of Ra's daughters? Or is she, perhaps, a different DC comics character, like the assassin Lady Shiva? We'll soon find out in the coming episodes.

Images: Nick Romano/Bustle