Androgynous Female Model Rain Dove Stars In Fantastic Ace Rivington Menswear Campaign

In case you've missed the memo, Rain Dove is a model to whom you've got to pay attention. The stunner is steadily gaining more and more notoriety and has been featured in publications such as W, Vogue, and Elle just to name very few. Her talent is undeniable, and it's clear that from Dove's Ace Rivington campaign that she's crushing the gender binary and taking the modeling world by storm.

Rain was recently featured in an amazing campaign from genderless underwear company PLAYOUT. The images showcased Dove with breast cancer survivors who had elected to have double mastectomies without reconstruction and without the wearing of protheses. The PLAYOUT feature was done in tandem with FlatTopper Pride, a support community to LGBTQ survivors who had made such elections in their breast cancer care. The stunning images are incredibly moving and meaning, but also just further proof that Dove's talents have no boundaries.

Dove's most recent campaign is another example of how the model is able to push gendered boundaries in the fashion industry and push them well. Working with brand Ace Rivington, the model can be seen sporting some seriously cool menswear and standing topless on the beach with fellow androgynous and super talented model Cory Wade— yes, Cory of ANTM fame. Rain spoke with People about the campaign and the organic development of the photos in an exclusive sneak peek. She told the mag, "It was an in-the-moment shoot...We had just had a talk about topless equality, and the freedom of being able to stand next to a great friend of mine and be able to have the same body expression as him was so great." The model's stunning explanation of how the campaign came about only makes her feature with the brand so great.

Not only do the images turn the gender binary upside down, but they are also an incredible display of body positivity and a representation of the gendered equality of bodily expression. But let's not gush any more about the shoot. Instead, let's take a look at the stunning images and celebrate the totally body positive, androgynous looks featured!

Images: Pete Hopkins (4)