Kaley Cuoco's Rocking Pink Eyebrows Now

Transforming your hair into pink unicorn tresses for the summer months? Yeah, it's cool, but there's a way to amp it up even more: Kaley Cuoco Sweeting dyed her eyebrows pink, and we're all kicking ourselves for not doing it first. Sweeting dyed her hair pink over the weekend, but the matching brows really put a whole new spin on the candy-colored trend.

The actress went totally gaga over her pretty in pink hair when she revealed her pastel tresses last month back when she first jumped on the My Little Pony hair trend, joining the ranks of Hilary Duff, Kylie Jenner, and even Dame Helen Mirren. After returning to her favorite fun and carefree hue over the weekend, Cuoco Sweeting added a new and fresh edge to her look by "painting" her eyebrows a complementing pink.

So, Kaley Cuoco Sweeting's bold brows may have not been a permanent, bona fide dye job (which would've taken some serious guts), but just because they're temporary doesn't make them any less awesome. The actress Instagrammed shots of her temporarily tinted brows for a recent photo shoot. And although they probably only lasted till the actress's next shower, I don't think her pretty, pink, punk brows couldn't possibly look any cooler.

Like I said, a permanent, candy-colored dye job right above your peepers takes some serious confidence. And these gals below have it. Check out these other on-fleek brows in every color of the rainbow and see if you're brave enough to take the mermaid plunge.

1. Punk-y Pink

2. Purple Power

3. Mermaid Blue

4. Trendstarter Tints

5. Celeb Inspo

6. Wash-Out Candy Colors

7. (Rainbow) Eyebrows On-Fleek

8. Pixie Pink

9. Glam Green

10. And Ombre Eyebrows (Because Why Not?)

Images: Getty Images; normancook/Instagram