Taylor Schilling & Laura Prepon Cover 'Rolling Stone' (And No, Not In Orange Jumpsuits)

Buh-bye prison-issue jumpsuits! Orange Is the New Black stars in casually sexy and braless fashion, with Schilling donning a white tank that lets a bit of nipple poke through and Prepon showing off sideboob in a button down denim shirt tied in a knot.

Schilling and Prepon are quite the juxtaposed pair, as Schilling is a blue-eyed blonde with bushy brows, while Prepon is a raven-haired, browscaped beauty. But the way their heads lean into one another suggests a camaraderie and a same wavelength-ness that goes beyond the fact that their characters on OITNB have quite a long and entangled history.

The cover pose gives off the separate but equal vibe and each actress is exuding some serious sizzle and strength via her stare and lack of a smile.

I love when major magazines pair two strong women on their cover, like earlier this year. I actually prefer this Schilling x Prepon cover, since it's tougher, it's darker, and it doesn't feel quite as obvious or as "OMG, of course they shared a fashion bible cover since they bake cookies together!"

Don't get me wrong, that cover was as amazing as it was adorbs, and I love how Tay and Karlie go at it in the "Bad Blood" video. But this Rolling Stone cover has serious photographic edge.

This denim-heavy cover isn't the only time that Schilling and Prepon have paired up beautifully off set and out of their cells.

Here are five times they linked up and meshed fashionably.

1. Darkest Hour

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nevermind the fact that I am crushing hard on Schilling's print dress, but I love how in synch she and Prepon are with the slinky dress shapes in dark colors.

2. Major Stems + More

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

They both have amazing gams, but once again, they are in step in fashion with separate, but equally hawt, minis.

3. Fierceness

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Does it get anymore fierce? The answer is actually "No, it doesn't." Notice the similar lip gloss shade.

4. Comes In Waves

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

They both rock hair texture amazingly, even though their strands come in different shades, lengths, and definition.

5. In Step

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even their promotional appearances have a yin and yang flow, in terms of style and fashion. See how Prepon's dress matches Schilling's shoes? Is that accidental? Cosmic? On purpose? It could be a combo of all of those things.

Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon fall totally in step with one another without being similar. Funny how that works!

Images: (1); Getty (5)