Diana Ross Joins Twitter & She's Already Kicking Ass Like The Amazing Diva She Is

Whenever a beloved and iconic celebrity joins social media, the world goes nuts. And that's exactly what's happening with Diana Ross, who joined Twitter on Wednesday. Soon after the former lead singer of The Supremes announced she was on Twitter, well, to say her fans, friends, family, and fellow celebrities rejoiced would be an understatement. As I'm sure most of us would expect, Ross was welcomed with open arms and people are super excited to have the diva on social media.

In typical Diana Ross fashion, she popped up on Twitter out of nowhere and made an entrance like the amazing woman she is. Plus, she's only tweeted six posts, but she's already kicking major ass. Followers are favoriting and retweeting her left and right. For just learning the social app, Ross is doing a splendid job.

As of Thursday morning, the 71-year-old has over 16,000 followers, but that number will surely grow. Plus, if people enjoy her tweets as much as I think they do, Ross just might take over social media like she did the music industry. Even on Twitter, she is a mighty force. Now, let's take a look at just why Diana Ross is doing no wrong on social media.

She Made A Grand Entrance

Did we expect anything less?

Her Twitter Name Is On Point

It's Ms. Ross, and don't you forget it.

She's Being A Supportive Mom

She can't help but show love to her son, Evan Ross.

Her Children Support Their Mom's Social Media Choices

See? They're loving having their mom on Twitter.

She's Handing Out Free Music Advice

Hurry up. Someone better grab this idea. Plus, the first person to write this song and use the title, well, you're going to owe Diana Ross a lot — like part of your paycheck.

She's Inspirational — Duh

Thank you for your wisdom.

She Wishes Everyone A "Good Morning"

Good morning to you too, Diana!

She's All About The "Hello"

If Diana can appreciate a simple "hello," so can I.

Celebrities Are Freaking Out

Even celebs are over the moon with Diana Ross being on Twitter. Let's face it, who isn't?