The Kinkiest Country In The World Is ...

We're number one! We're number one! I mean, not in terms of things like literacy or healthcare, but US is leading the number of BDSM users. A survey done by Whiplr, the Tinder for fetishes, has looked at users to establish the kinkiest countries in the world, The Daily Dot reports. And American has come out on top. Between it's release in February and the data collected in April, Whiplr was downloaded over 120,000 times— not bad for just a few months.

It's all over the world, and we mean all over, according to The Daily Dot: "Daniel Sevitt, the app’s Chief Communications Officer, said he was shocked by the vast number of Whiplr users across the globe, particularly in the holy Vatican City." Vatican City? It's sort of a surprise, but we already know they're into some pretty ridiculous costumes, so maybe we shouldn't be shocked. Sevitt also noted that the fact that the app is only available in English hasn't seem to be much of a deterrent because "it seems there are some forms of communication that defy language barriers". And apparently those things are love and latex body suits. But it's not just BDSM, there are a range of kinks and interests available on Whiplr.

Here's a look at the kinkiest countries and what they're into:

1. America

Kinkiest country and a whopping 70 percent of users into BDSM. God bless the USA.

2. UK

The Brits aren't as uptight as you might think, and it turns out they have a special thing for spanking. Naughty, naughty.

3. Canada

50 percent of Canadian users were into BDSM, which I think is a remarkable feat considering how cold it is there. You couldn't coax me out from under the duvet, let alone get me 50 Shades-ing.

4. Italy

Italians will always be more stylish than you, even in the bedroom. The Daily Dot notes that it's "fitting is the notoriously fashion-forward Italy’s preference for shopping-related fetishes, like bondage wear or other kinky accessories. "

5. Netherlands

Dutch folks had a special penchant for leather and latex, which just makes me picture myself trying to get into a latex body suit while stoned. It's pretty bleak.

6. Germany

Germans were more into dirty talk than any other country. I would make a joke about this but whenever I hear people speaking German it's like they're all shouting at each other. Something about Frankfurters?

7. Brazil

Brazilian were the most likely to be into "odor-related fetishes". In others news, today I learned that odor-related fetishes are a thing.

8. Greece

The Greeks may be find with nudity on beaches, but they were a bit shyer when it came to kink, saying the avoided clubs in favor of at home naughtiness.

9. Australia

Australian users were "the most likely to have a pair of handcuffs on the bedside table". Kinky, and historically relevant.

10. France

Ever coy and aloof, the majority of French users said they were on the app because they were "just curious" about kink. Sureeeeeeee you are, you croissant-eating kinksters.

Images: Laura Taylor/Flickr; Giphy