7 Ridiculously Chic Things To Make With Old Toys

by Hometalk

Just because you're now a super fancy adult doesn't mean you can't enjoy playtime from time to time — and these incredibly cute, super fun, insanely easy DIY projects using old toys mean you have no excuse not to let your inner child let loose — at least when it comes to your home decor. From planters to bookends to the chicest set of DIY candle holders you've ever seen in your life, Hometalk compiles seven easy ways to make the most of those treasures buried at the bottom of your old toy chest.

All parents know that the one thing a kid-friendly home will never have a shortage of is toys. According to research from the UK, the average 10-year-old owns 238 toys, but only plays with 12 a day. That means that a good portion of your home is filled with tiny trinkets and bouncy balls that are quickly gathering dust. Big, small, plush, plastic, cherished, or barely used, toys fill your house and, sooner or later, each one becomes a piece of clutter rather than a keeper.

While you can give those toys away or toss them out, here’s another idea — turn old, forgotten kid’s toys into shockingly stylish decor for your home! Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but take a look at the high-end items you can create with those childhood memories.

1. Make your own dino planter

You know those cheap plastic dinosaur toys that your son used to love? Dig them out of the toy box, and turn them into a set of tiny planters for succulent or spiky air plants. These little guys will be a great addition, stomping across your coffee table or book shelf.

Project via Jamie @C.R.A.F.T.

2. Turn a flock of sheep into the perfect display

It’s hard to believe that this elegant pedestal was once a flock of simplistic sheep figurines, but it’s true! All it takes is a little bit of paint and glue to turn a few plastic toys into a decorative piece that you wouldn’t be surprised to find in a glossy homegoods magazine.

Project via Cindy @Edith & Evelyn Vintage

3. Create stately bookends from dollar store figures

Turn two large zoo animal toys into stately bookends, with some metallic spray paint and a few photo frames. It’s so simple to do, and the outcome can make your casual living room bookshelf look like a dignified library.

Project via Jessica @Mad in Crafts

4. Save a few plastic animals for this cute coat rack

Sometimes kids need a little bit of encouragement to help them keep their jackets and sweaters off the floor. Problem solved — your children will be overjoyed to use this creative and funny coat rack made from plastic animal behinds. Keep the colors natural, or paint the whole set to match the room.

Project via Jenny @Refresh Living

5. Use hula hoops as high-end accents

We’ve all enjoyed a good hula hoop at one time or another, but as those hoops get dented and worn, it’s time to move on to a new toy. Luckily, there’s plenty to do with an old hula hoop, including spray it gold and turn it into a decorative orb that would look great in your living room, as a light fixture, in the garden — really, anywhere!

Project via Leslie @House on the Way

6. Add hair accessory storage with a toy collage

Use the mess on the bottom of the toy box for a stylish, monochromatic accessory organizer. Cover a wooden plaque or memo board in a chaotic mixture of old toys, and give your child a smart and modern addition to their room, not to mention a great way to keep accessories organized.

Project via Lindsay @Makely

7. Turn retired zoo animals into chic candlesticks

With just a little bit of work, you can turn any ferocious plastic beast into a demur and decorative candle holder, great for displaying atop a dresser or console table. Customize your design with whatever colors you choose, and then mix and match your animal candlesticks to get the most interesting look.

Project via Jenna @Rain on a Tin Roof

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