'Beauty Plus' App Highlights Differences Between Asian & American Beauty Standards

Thanks to apps like Facetune, ModiFace, and even plain ol' Instagram, we have all become experts at photo retouching, aka eliminating our "imperfections" as we see fit. Usually, these programs give us options to virtually apply makeup and make us look more sun-kissed, but a new editing app called Beauty Plus lets you enlarge your eyes, and lighten your skin — huh?

In Asian culture, paler skin and wider eyes are considered desirable. BuzzFeed recorded several women playing around with the app, and their reactions were pretty hilarious. Aside from the comic relief supplied by the strange contortions these women apply to their faces, this videos make an important point — Asian beauty standards seem to be very different from American ones.

"If there was an American version of this app it would definitely have an option to make your eyebrown on fleek" one of the girls said. That app would sooo be called the Cara Delevingne Effect. "Where is the tanning option?" another woman added. Just goes to show how variable beauty standards can really be.

Nevertheless, if you're curious about trying the app, even for just entertainment purposes, here are some things you can do with it.

1. Lighten Your Complexion

Personally, I love my dark Middle Eastern skin tone, but hey, I guess some people are into pale these days.

2. Remove Blemishes

I think that's actually a beauty mark she's removing but — poof! It's gone like magic.

3. Enlarge Your Eyes

Are bigger eyes supposed to make you look younger or something?

Before & After

Pretty shocking, eh?

Check out the full video below.

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