Proof Ramsay Is The Cruelest 'GoT' Character Ever

You may think you know what cruelty looks like, but until you've seen Game of Thrones ' Ramsay Bolton fka Ramsay Snow in action, you (like Jon Snow) know nothing about how evil the world can truly be. There was a time when we all thought Joffrey was the most heinous character we'd ever have the misfortune of meeting, however, ever since making his debut in Season 3, Ramsay has quickly become GoT 's greatest villain of all time. Seriously, this guy is just the worst human being you could ever possibly encounter. It's not just that he's murdered countless people and mistreated women in horrible ways, including our beloved Sansa. (Though those things certainly are big contributing factors.) But it's also the fact of how much he enjoys it. He revels in other people's misery and pain.

We all know by now that when you play the Game of Thrones, you either live or you die. But Ramsay refuses to play by this set of rules. To him, death is the only option. There's no honor in what he does nor is there even a real cause. If the war for Westeros were to end today, I have no doubt in my mind that Ramsay would still continue to kill and torture whoever he could get his hands on. Because he doesn't do it for land or glory or power… he does it for sport. But just in case you were in need of further convincing on the matter or were simply looking for more reasons to hope for his eventual demise, here are all the times Ramsay's despicable antics made our skin crawl.

When He Tricked Theon Into Thinking He Was Getting Rescued

Remember when we thought Ramsay was just some boy sent by Theon's sister, Yara, to help aid in his rescue once the Boltons took over Winterfell? Well, that's because Ramsay is a big fan of mind games. He set Theon free only to hunt him down and capture him all over again, proving just how twisted his cold and calculating mind works.

When He Ruined Your Love Of Sausage For Life

Not only did he castrate Theon, but he mocked the loss of his appendage with cruel and blatant imagery. Just try watching this scene without getting chills. It's impossible. Even Joffrey would be like, "Whoa, dude. That's way too far."

When He Relished In Bloodshed & Gore

That glint in his eye says it all. This guy lives for the kill.

When He Turned Theon Into Reek

After torturing Theon for who knows how long, Ramsay decided to strip this Greyjoy of not just his manhood, but of his entire identity as well. And just like that, Reek was born.

When He Fat Shamed His Father's Wife

Because he didn't already possess enough horrible attributes.

When He Was So Cocky It Was Ridiculous

I'm not sure how he thinks he can crush Stannis' army with just 20 men, but the sheer smugness of it all is enough to make my blood boil and skin crawl. Can someone just kill this guy already?

When He Proved That His Word Means Absolutely Nothing

He broke this promise as soon as Littlefinger left by raping and abusing Sansa on their wedding night and every night since. There isn't an honorable bone in this guy's body and I'll be very curious to see what Littlefinger does once he learns of Sansa's mistreatment. We all know what happens to those who cross Littlefinger. Perhaps Ramsay will soon meet the same deadly fate. Here's hoping, at least.

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