The Most Satisfying Ways 'GoT' Could Off Ramsay

The audience has spoken: Game of Thrones' Ramsay Bolton must die. With Ramsay's depravity well past out of hand on Game of Thrones there is nowhere left for the character to go besides six feet under. The repulsive Ramsay has tortured Theon until there was nothing left of him, hunted down women for sport, flayed people, and horrifically violated Sansa Stark — and, to add more insult to the grievous injuries he has left in his wake, Ramsay is also currently ruling Winterfell. At this point, looking at his smug, sadistic face each during each episode is too much to bear. It is time for Ramsay to die the painful death he deserves — but what death would be satisfying enough for the fans who have had more than enough of Ramsay's reign?

I am not generally a fan of schadenfreude, but, for Ramsay, I will make an exception. His death will not undo the damage done to Sansa, Theon, and the nameless characters who have suffered at his hands — but it will offer a small sense of satisfaction for the fanbase. Right now, Ramsay seems unstoppable, and his power leaves even the viewers feeling helpless.

But, as Arya would say, "Anyone can be killed." I am sick of seeing Sansa suffer, therefore I am going to do the only thing I can in this position and imagine the most satisfying ways Ramsay could meet his devilish maker.

1. Sansa Could Chop Off Ramsay's Little Finger Before Feeding Him To His Dogs

Game of Thrones is all about ironic symmetry. Jaime pushed Bran out of a window and lost his hand. Ned taught his sons about the honor in swinging the ax when you sentence a man to death, then he was later beheaded on the orders of a coward. So, since Ramsay mutilated Theon and horrifically violated Sansa, his most offensive member must go — and wouldn't it be sweet if Sansa was the one who did the slicing? Given Ramsay's love for his bloodthirsty dogs, it would be fitting for Sansa to throw him and his member to the proverbial wolves.

2. Theon Could Stab Ramsay In The Back

Ramsay is so convinced that he has stripped every last piece of Theon away until there is nothing left but Reek — however, I don't agree. Theon was always a fighter, and after everything he has been through, he deserves a shot at redemption. The best way he could do that would be to put a knife right in Ramsay's back, both metaphorically and literally, ensuring Sansa is the Queen of the North.

3. Littlefinger Could Return And Kill Ramsay Slowly

The last time someone hurt Sansa on Littlefinger's watch, they ended up flying out of the Moon Door. While Littlefinger is distracted right now, Ramsay vowed not to hurt Sansa — so when Littlefinger finds out what Ramsay has done, he is not going to be happy. Littlefinger is twisted himself, so if he took Ramsay's life, he would not give the creep the mercy of a swift death — he would kill him as slowly as possible, so the audience could watch Ramsay beg and bleed.

4. The North Could Rise Up For Sansa

The North has a long memory, and the Starks were strong and fair leaders. Wouldn't it be perfect if the Northmen rose up against Ramsay, killed him and his followers, and then pledged their allegiance to the true Queen of the North, Sansa Stark?

5. Yara Could Come For Her Brother And Put An Ax In Ramsay's Head

Yara came to rescue Theon once and lost the battle — that does not mean she has lost the war. Yara is a proud warrior, and losing to Ramsay Bolton has got to sting. I would love to see her infiltrate Winterfell alone and put her favorite ax in the back of Ramsay's head in the name of the Greyjoys.

6. Myranda Might Tire Of Being A Plaything And Murder Ramsay Mid-Coitus

Ramsay thinks he is never vulnerable, but every time he has sex with Myranda, he puts himself in a dangerous situation. The woman he jilted to marry Sansa is seething with jealousy right now, and Ramsay has not given her a good reason to stay loyal. The next time he takes her to bed, a well-placed knife in Ramsay's neck would bring about a bloody perfect end.

7. Theon And Sansa Could Corner Ramsay To Give Him A Taste Of His Own Sadism

I hate how much control Ramsay thinks he has over Theon and Sansa. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to see the two of them trap Ramsay in his chamber room and inflict a bit of torture before putting an arrow in his chest.

8. He Could Be Burned To A Crisp By One Of Dany's Dragon

Ramsay flambé, anyone?

9. Or Maybe He Could Be Eaten By A Vengeful Nymeria

Arya is busy with assassin training across the Narrow Sea — but Nymeria is still roaming the woods in the North. Wouldn't it be wonderful if she wandered home with a taste for Bolton blood?

10. He Could Slip On A Patch Of Ice And Snap His Neck

Ramsay doesn't deserve a memorable death. He believes he is far more important than he is — so a mundane, almost stupid death would suit him just fine. Winter is coming and bringing with it icy patches. Ramsay could slip while issuing one of his twisted threats and break his neck — thus, ridding Game of Thrones of him forever.

11. Brienne Of Tarth Could Kill Ramsay With Ned Stark's Blade

Brienne swore an oath to protect Sansa Stark, and she will never give up on her quest. Not only does she have justice on her side, but she is also carrying Ned Stark's sword, now called Oathkeeper — so it would be perfect and poetic if she killed him with that very weapon.

Honestly though: as long as he dies, I'm fine with however he goes.

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