The 'Aladdin' And 'Lion King' Broadway Casts Had An Airport Sing-Off, And My FOMO Has Never Been So Strong — VIDEO

Never in my whole life have I been more disappointed to not be stuck in an airport. While getting weather delayed for 6 hours might seem like a logistical travel nightmare, the travelers camped out in LaGuardia airport basically lived every Disney fan's dream come true. It turns out it was a big day of Disney traveling, because the Aladdin and The Lion King Broadway casts had an airport sing-off. That's right—people were just sitting at their gate, minding their own glum business, when all of a sudden they got front row tickets to two of the coolest shows on Earth.

It was The Lion King who kicked it off, appropriately with "Circle Of Life." The whole cast was immediately and shamelessly on board, and I am so here for it. (In spirit. Obviously if I had been there, I wouldn't be crying at all my life choices right now.) It's a beautiful, soaring moment, and it only gets better when the cast of Aladdin responds—not with some beautiful rendition of a song from their own musical, but with a straight up Pitch Perfect style sing-off that involved some insanely impressive freestyle rap by James Monroe Iglehart, currently playing the Genie.

It is basically the stuff of dreams. I can't decide who wins, because I can't bear the burden of this responsibility. Who do you guys think should win Mickey Mouse's love?

The Lion King?


Or Aladdin?


Iglehart makes a good point:


But you're going to have to decide this one for yourselves. Happy Thursday, everyone. You all deserve this:

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