Woman Documents Travels After Cancer Diagnosis, And We Could All Use A Healthy Dose Of Her Fearlessness — PHOTOS

Some people have very bad luck. You know the kind of person. Crap just rains down on them, even when they've done nothing to invite it. Some of these people, however, also happen to be amongst the most resilient, creative, and inspiring people, because against adversity, they end up achieving more than the rest of us, blessed with all the luck in the world and squandering it playing Candy Crush, will ever achieve our whole lives. One of these incredible people is Megan Sullivan. The woman documented her travels after her cancer diagnosis, chronicling an amazing around the world trip through her Instagram. Megan's woes began when she fell while rock climbing in Yosemite last year, was then hit by a car three days later while riding a Vespa, before finally being diagnosed with skin cancer the next week.

Megan, unlike us luckier folk, saw this as a call to action. On her personal website, she wrote the following:

"Figure out the most amount of time that you can get off of work, and simply work back from there. Sometimes it helps to get a little cancer the month beforehand to play up the sympathy card with the sentiments of “you only live once” while a tear gently falls from the strategically placed eye drops down your cheek."

So not only does Megan have more guts and positivity in her little finger than the rest of us combined, she's also got a great sense of humor about her situation. Taking off with her boyfriend of two weeks (who Megan is still with, so YAY for love!), she embarked on a journey around the world that she's always dreamed of taking.

"12 countries — 15 flights — 28,211 total miles traveled — 5 hotel night stays — 1 confiscated tripod — 7 wonders — 13 days"

Here are some of Megan's most breathtaking photos from her Instagram:

1. Machu Picchu, Peru

2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

3. Istanbul, Turkey

4. Agra, India

5. Rome, Italy

You can follow the rest of her adventures on her Instagram here.

Photo: Megan Sullivan/Instagram