'The Mindy Project' Costumes Display In Neiman Marcus Window For Adorable Emmy FYC Campaign

Mindy Kaling and Mindy Project costume designer Salvador Perez sure are on a roll, aren't they? After completely killing it Cannes with a pink and purple two-piece showstopper, and they're starting their Emmys FYC campaign with a bang. Of course, they have their standard FYC mainstays — you know, a billboard over Fairfax and Santa Monica Boulevard, and an ad complete with some of Mindy's best costumes, as well as a nice quote from In Style magazine ("Mindy Kaling is becoming a small screen fashion icon, and the role seems tailor made") — but it's the Beverly Hills Neiman Marcus Mindy Project display that's really knocking it out of the park.

The notoriously high-end retailer is currently displaying some of Kaling's best costumes from the show (a few of them custom made by Perez — you might recognize her hot pink tweed coat dress and her spangly Christmas party get-up if you take a closer look) in the window of their store. Each outfit is adorned with a tiny tag bearing an original sketch of the ensemble, and the window is printed with the message, "Neiman Marcus salutes costume designer Salvador Perez of The Mindy Project," followed by a simple, to the point, "For your Emmy consideration."

Take a look:

Fab, right? I think I'm definitely going to have to head over to the Rodeo Drive area to see the costumes in person... and I don't know about you, but I'm definitely pulling for The Mindy Project. After all, Kaling and Perez are the best team around, and the costuming on TMP is downright inspired (not to mention inspiring ).

Images: Beth Dubber/Fox