13 Literary Etsy Finds Every Hardcore Brontë Fan Will Absolutely Love

The Brontë sisters – Charlotte, Emily, and Anne – make up what is probably England’s most famous literary family, for good reason: Their works, which include the classics Jane Eyre , Wuthering Heights , and Agnes Grey , are beautiful and strange, offering compelling narratives about passionate, complicated people, all against the tempestuous landscape of Northern England. Like me, you are a Fan. Not just an “Oh, those books were pretty good” type of fan, but a “My ultimate fantasy is to go to Haworth and frolic about the moors” F-A-N. You already own the complete collected works of all three sisters, including the juvenilia; you’ve seen every Brontë film and television adaptation there is, including the insane MTV version of Wuthering Heights; and you listen to the song “Wuthering Heights” by Kate Bush roughly six times a day. What else can a Brontë fan do to make the world know about her devotion to these amazing writers? Hit up Etsy, of course.

Click through for 13 ways Etsy can help you bring the Brontës into your home and your closet.

Wuthering Heights Dress

Nothing says “I love Wuthering Heights” like wearing a whole dress made of the text. How cute would this be with a colorful petticoat underneath?

Etsy, $196.85+

Jane Eyre Book Sculpture

This Etsy craftsman used vintage illustrations from Jane Eyre to create this intricate book sculpture.

Etsy, $175

Wuthering Heights Pring

This simple print will bring a little of Catherine Earnshaw’s wildness into your home.

Etsy, $7.95+

"I am no bird" Bracelet

The inside of this bracelet features my favorite quote from Jane Eyre: “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.”

Etsy, $40

Jane Eyre Pillow

Dress up your decor with Brontë pillows. Your couch will seem instantly smarter.

Etsy, $30

Anne Brontë Necklace and Print

Anne Brontë usually doesn’t get the acclaim that her sisters do, but she was an excellent writer in her own right. This print and necklace reference her 1848 poem, ”The Narrow Way.”

But he, that dares not grasp the thornShould never crave the rose.

Etsy, $20.84

'Reader, I married him' Mug

This mug is the perfect gift for the Brontë-loving bride.

Etsy, $16

Brontë Sisters Print

This colorful print will add some pizzazz to your walls, while also declaring your devotion to your favorite literary family.

Etsy, $17.37

Wuthering Heights Library Card

Perfect for all the book nerds out there, this print features Wuthering Heights painted over a library card for the novel.

Etsy, $12

Mr. Rochester Shirt

Rochester declares his love on this slouchy shirt: “You strange, you almost unearthly thing! – I love as my own flesh.”

Etsy, $32

Wuthering Heights Earrings

I’ve ranted in the past about how Wuthering Heights is not a romance novel, but even I can’t resist these earrings, which feature a dramatic vintage book cover, the quote “Kiss me again,” and some Xs and Os for good measure.

Etsy, $18

Jane Eyre Infinity Scarf

I love this scarf’s vintage illustrations.

Etsy, $39

Mid-19th-Century Dress

If you really want to indulge your love of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, buy yourself this mid-Victorian costume and cosplay Jane or Catherine to your heart’s content. I assume that, sadly, the moody Brontë-esque landscape is not included.

Etsy, $405.19