9 Semi Precious Stone Jewelry Pieces To Cleanse Your Aura

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As a child growing up in the '90s I became obsessed with the semi precious stone jewelry trend. I would take my pocket money to my local gemstone shop and spend hours debating whether to purchase an amethyst necklace or a hematite ring. The gemstone properties fascinated me and solidified my love affair with these beautiful rocks.

Then I grew up and technology took over. I was no longer interested in rose quartz attributes or how to cleanse your crystals but rather what kind of comedic home movie my friends and I would next create or what playlist to put on my iPod.

I am now at an age where I feel I have rediscovered myself and, with that, my love of semi precious stones. Through the power of coincidence, I discovered that gemstones are back on trend and everyone is lusting over these beautiful stones, which has in turn made it easier for me to locate them.

You're spoilt for choice when it comes to crystal jewelry, so rock out in gorgeous gemstone jewelry this summer.

Images: Courtesy Brands

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