"This Is Why You're Single" Elite Daily Webisode Explores The Perils of Googling Before a First Date

Boundaries are a thing people have. I write about sex for a living, and my personal Twitter account is filled with fisting anecdotes, so I don't really understand, but some people really do have them! Unless you know the personal Googling stance of your impending first date, try really really really really hard not to bring up things you learned about them from The Internet on said first date. Some people will be very skeeved out by this. See: Rory Uphold and her disdain for "being pre-judged, pre-liked or pre-anything." She's the creator of the "Why You Shouldn't Google Someone Before a First Date" episode of Elite Daily's This Is Why We're Single web series.

If you can actually bear to resist the urge to Google a stranger you hope to smooch, then you're a stronger person than I am and you deserve praise. But if you do cave, a good rule of thumb on a first date is to ask lots of questions instead of bringing up with bizarre specificity that you both share a love laser tag. A little finesse goes a long way to cover the tracks of even the best web sleuth.

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