Proof Cats Give The Best Hugs, Always

Hugs are undeniably great, but hugs from a cat? Get ready to smile for hours, because cat hugs are basically the best things on the planet. Cat hugs have the power to dig up emotions buried deep within the depths of your soul that you didn't even know existed. And on June 4, a day celebrated around the world as Hug Your Cat Day, get ready to start feeling a lot of feelings, because there's a whole universe of cats out there just waiting to be embraced.

Cats sometimes get a bad reputation for being standoffish and rude, but that couldn't be further from the truth (honestly, I blame Grumpy Cat for this tragic misunderstanding). These fluffy, furry balls of love can be adorably affectionate, world-class snugglers if you give them the chance. Whether they're cuddling with you, each other, or a random hair brush you accidentally left out on the couch, cats will never miss out on an opportunity to prove to you that they are experts at being outrageously cute... unless they're not in the mood to hang out, in which case you better give up trying right now, because there's no way that cat's going to hug you unless it truly wants to. So go find a kitten who's up for cuddling, politely introduce yourself, and get ready to feel your heart melt. These cats know how it's done.

1. This cat who pretty much invented big spoon

2. This cat who would rather die than be separated from its human

3. This cat who has a way with kids

4. These cats who will make your heart melt into big, splashy puddles of happiness

5. This kitty who's brushing up on cuddle skills so she can be the best

6. These two furry pals who prove this world really is a beautiful place

7. This cat who will absolutely go bonkers if you do not hug him

8. This cat who makes you wish it could always be nap time

9. This cat who just wants everyone to feel loved no matter what

10. And this kitten who has a serious case of puppy love

11. These ride-or-die cats who basically define #squadgoals

12. These kittens who just made you squeal because you can't handle all the cuteness

13. These adorable friends who just filled your heart and soul with sunshine and joy

14. This guy who will snuggle with just about anything you put in front of him

15. These two cats who dare you to try to pull them apart

16. This kitten who will absolutely die if you leave her hanging

17. This cat who is actually a jerk. Do not hug him.

Images: Richard, Tommy Hemmert Olesen, Randi Deuro, Ted Sakshaug, Malingering (2), Leonardo, Alisha Vargas, Lenneke Veerbeek, Jason and Kris Carter (2), Simon Whitaker/Flickr; Giphy (7)