'Homeland' Season 5 Has A Lot To Answer For

If you've been watching Homeland since Season 1, you know it's been one hell of a ride — and that's an understatement. The Showtime drama has pulled us from pillar to post and from Washington all the way to Afghanistan and back over the past few years, and it's been thrilling to watch, though at times rather maddening, as well. We've had about six months to get over the jarring events of the Season 4 finale, and we've got several more to go before Season 5 kicks off, so there's still a lot we don't know. The few things we do — the likes of Miranda Otto and Sebastian Koch being added to the cast; the fact that the entire season is filming/will take place in Germany — aren't enough to give us a clear picture of what's really to come. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

After all, Homeland is a complicated show full of complicated people and plots, and the end of Season 4 left us with more questions than answers. Generally speaking, this is a good thing — it means the show has a reason to continue. At the same time, I'm so caught up on what we don't know that I can't possibly get my head around moving on to the next big crisis until all of those uncertainties are, well, certain. If Homeland wants us to get hype for Germany, we're gonna need to see some things figured out, first.

What's Going On With Quinn?

I mean, obviously Quinn is going through some stuff — particularly PTSD and dealing with being rejected (in his eyes) by Carrie when he finally made a move. But did he really have to basically go on a suicide mission to Syria because of it? Quinn could be an amazing character study in Season 5 if they bring him back (and Rupert Friend is apparently returning, so I'll probably get my wish).

What's Going On With Carrie & Quinn?

We know Quinn is going through some stuff due to everything he's seen and been through, but what's going on with Carrie & Quinn together? Sure, Carrie was all like, "This can't happen!" and Quinn got all mopey about it, but it's obvious these two make an amazing team and there IS something there, so can we make it happen? I don't want a whole season of unresolved sexual tension with these two. There are bigger things at stake.

Is Carrie's Mother Important?

Carrie came face to face with her mother last season and confronted her for basically abandoning her when she needed her most. At the time, that element seemed rather pointless, but I'm going to choose to believe that there's something bigger behind this and that Carrie's mom will have some kind of importance to what's to come, or else why bother?

Why Germany?

I mean, I guess why NOT Germany, but you know what I mean. The fact that Homeland is moving to Germany next season wasn't hinted at or mentioned on the show, so obviously we won't understand until next season why it's happened, but it does seem a bit random, don't you think? Pretty far from the Middle East, as well.

Is Saul Just, Like, Back In Charge Now?

I love me some Saul, so I spent a good portion of the past two seasons wondering if they were going to keep him alive, for one, and if they did, how they could keep him as a massive part of the series. Thankfully, he seems to have worked his way back up the ranks and is ready to take charge again... which seems pretty unrealistic, because that wouldn't happen with the CIA in real life, right? I know there's the whole "suspension of disbelief" thing, but really?

Is Carrie Going To Take Her Baby With Her?

I feel like the writers on Homeland gave Carrie a baby just for something to do but didn't actually think how that would pan out. I know we've had a few heartwarming moments of Carrie with her baby (and a few seriously disturbing ones), but what are they going to do with her now? Is Carrie taking the baby to Germany? WHAT'S HAPPENING WITH THE BABY?

Is Dar Adal An Evil Mastermind, Or What?

Dar Adal isn't necessarily the bad guy, but is he the good guy, really? I don't think so. There's something that's not quite right about him and I seriously need to know what it is. Obviously I don't think this is a question that's going to get answered anytime soon — ambiguity keeps us on our toes, after all — but that doesn't mean I'm not curious.

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