'LinkedIn Out Loud' Video Series Shows How Ridiculous Your LinkedIn Bio Sounds When Read Aloud

Since the entire purpose of LinkedIn is to make professional connections and show off your marketable skills, the most important piece to any LinkedIn profile is the bio. But it's not easy to figure out a clever way to brag about yourself in the third person — so if you've ever found yourself thinking, "Ugh, this probably sounds ridiculous," you're going to love Joseph & Joseph Productions' Linkedin Out Loud video series. Soundtracked by epic music and hammed up by a bunch of comedians and actors, it features dramatic readings of real LinkedIn bios (with the names changed for privacy purposes, of course) — and the results are sure to make you LOL.

You have probably been told that when you're marketing yourself to prospective employers, you need to show them your personal brand. When we read someone's branding of themselves online, it probably seems completely within bounds, but it's amazing how taking these summaries to life reveals how ridiculous they really sound. I mean, I would never introduce myself as someone who is a "social media expert," in real life, but I sure do on my LinkedIn profile!

"Come inside my brand," one man offers at the start of the video — and we'll do just that by taking a peek inside five of the most outrageous LinkedIn bios they used. They did in fact use real LinkedIn bio's as inspiration for this video, but removed names to protect the privacy of those individuals. But, you can find the inspiration behind these videos at the Linkedin Out Loud Tumblr blog.

1. "Nothing gets me going like a good pitch."

We all know how a marketing pitch just has us jumping for joy! Obviously, no one really cares that much about pitches, but hey, if you're job is going to be listening to pitches all day, you should probably at least pretend to enjoy them.

2. "My goal is to revolutionize people's lives through art, technology, and entertainment."

I'm all for having big goals, but this is just hilarious. It sounds as if he's trying to take over the world.

3. "I'm not racist."

Not being a racist is an important part of being a decent human being, but marketing yourself as such on your LinkedIn profile is probably going to make it sound like you are racist. Because otherwise, why would you ever bring it up?

4. "I run towards fires."

I love the fact that she's emphasizing her bold and brazen nature, but this also sounds kind of masochistic.

5. "In this world, we're paid in two coins: One cash, one experience."

Placing value on experience sounds great to any potential employer but let's be real: Outside of LinkedIn, no one really cares about getting a job for experience. We've all got bills to pay!

If you want to see these hilarious statements for yourself, check out the video below. If you want even more, they've created a three part series of these Linkedin Out Loud videos, so you can spend all afternoon laughing at these LinkedIn bio's instead of working.

Joseph & Joseph on YouTube

Images: Getty Images; Joseph & Joseph Productions/YouTube (5)