Can Melisandre Please Die On 'Game of Thrones'?

Am I the only one who is beyond done with the Red Woman and her creepy murder spells on Game of Thrones?It's time for Stannis Baratheon's secret weapon to go the way of so many others in Westeros. Is Melisandre going to die on Game of Thrones? How many leeches do I need to fill with King's blood to make this happen?

Melisandre entered the series in Season 2 as part of Stannis' entourage. She is a priestess who represents one of the many religions in the Game of Thrones universe, a monotheistic faith that worships the Lord of Light. She uses many spells that require the blood of kings to sway the tides of the future in their favor. The spells are horrifying. Remember the placenta ghost (that's what my friends and I call it) that Melisandre birthed after seducing Stannis? That thing murdered the sweet Renly Baratheon. Melisandre also tortured the equally sweet Baratheon bastard Gendry. This season, she just got plain rude and repeated Ygritte's catchphrase to a heartbroken Jon Snow's face. Not cool! Now she's after the blood of a little girl — Shireen Baratheon, whose love of books rivals Belle's from Beauty and the Beast. Will the Red Woman's dark night full of terrors never end?

There are some mild book spoilers ahead as I try to figure out this chick's fate. In George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, Melisandre is still alive at this point in the story. This doesn't mean much, especially this season. There have been many drastic changes between the page and the screen on Game of Thrones this year. However, her story has not deviated much thus far. There have been a few changes. In the books, the Red Woman remains at the Wall when Stannis' army heads to Winterfell. On the HBO series, she journies with the troops. I wouldn't count that as a major departure just yet — she's not far from the Wall and could easily turn back, claiming she's of more use to the Night's Watch/Jon Snow as she does in the books. Stannis did technically tell her to leave when she suggested sacrificing his daughter. Who knows how far she'll take that order.

The biggest change between Melisandre in the books and on the show at this part of the story, in my opinion, in that in the books she doesn't let Mance Rayder die. She uses a spell to disguise someone else as Mance and burn him at the stake instead. The real Mance is sent off to rescue Jeyne Poole, who they think is Arya Stark, but who is actually Sansa Stark on the HBO series. Mance ends up captured and tortured by Ramsay anyway, so I'm guessing that the show is skipping over this plot point entirely. At least, I hope.

To be fair, Melisandre is in some kind of danger on the show, since she is with Stannis' army. She, or anyone in that camp, could be killed or captured by Ramsay Bolton. I wouldn't hate it if she somehow ended up letting it slip to Sansa that Arya is alive — remember they met while Arya was hanging out with the Brotherhood Without Banners? It's crass and not fitting her glamorous nature, but Melisandre could be killed in battle. Also, Stannis could could snap and kill her, thus freeing himself from her witchy manipulation.

However, none of this is substantial evidence that points to Melisandre's demise, unfortunately. She probably won't die. She may just move on to a new job at the Wall. To be fair, we aren't entirely sure of her agenda yet. I think we'd have to learn that before she kicks the bucket rather than after. Melisandre's story isn't over, as much as I am over her story.

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