Female Comedian Soojeoing Son Street Harasses Men Using Graphic Language — And Dudes Friggin' Love It

While one of the biggest obstacles to overcome in fighting street harassment is that subtle comments are perceived as "compliments," there's also a much more violent, invasive, and lewd brand of cat-calling that happens to women. It's known as "drive-by street harassment," and it's "the act of whispering offensive statements into the face of a woman who is alone in public" — likely the kind of statements folks on the street would openly judge you for shouting.

I don't think anyone on either side of the argument is seriously upholding "I'm gonna destroy that pussy" as an innocent affirmation from a stranger. So, in a valiant effort to turn the tables on dudes using explicitly violent and graphic language when they cat-call, comedian Soojeoing Son took to the streets to record her interactions whispering invasive things like "I love that cock," "I want to fuck you," and "I want to destroy your dick" to strangers.

The conclusion: they loved it. Behold, all but one of the men she accosted grinning like fools after their — at the risk of sounding repetitive — extremely aggressive and violently-worded encounters. Because, of course, the idea of a woman posing any kind of serious threat to a man is laughable. But that threat is very real when directed at a woman from an aggressive, strange man. So we're glad this woman lifted your spirits, guys, but maybe think about how patently unfunny it would be if a man whispered this filth to your wife, daughter, girlfriend, or sister.

SJ Son on YouTube

Image: Screengrab/YouTube