Kaitlyn Having Sex On 'The Bachelorette' Starts An Honest Conversation, Here's What 4 Past 'Bachelor' Women Are Saying

If you don't live in Bachelor nation, or are just catching up with the very dramatic first few weeks of The Bachelorette this season, Kaitlyn's announcement of having sex with a bachelor on the show might come as a big 'ole spoiler. But because it's all people are talking about since the season promo aired, the statue of spoiler limitations is officially up. Everyone and their mother seems to have an opinion on Kaitlyn having sex with one of the guys mid-season on the show, but what about past participants on The Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons? What is Kaitlyn's Bachelor family saying about the "controversial" season of the Bachelorette?

First — and most importantly — Kaitlyn has spoken up on the topic. Kaitlyn told Entertainment Tonight that she is "not ashamed" for making the decision she made. She also said that she isn't someone who has a problem talking about the topic of sex on the show — preach — and told ET, "I think when you're looking for a lifetime partnership, intimacy is obviously a part of that. I think maybe I'm just the first Bachelor or Bachelorette to talk about that on TV."

So Kaitlyn has basically earned a huge "YAS QUEEN" from me for being a strong woman when the amount of attention this situation has received is nothing short of outrageous. We should appreciate a Bachelorette talking about sex so openly on television, because sex is something that happens in real life (ICYMI) — Hell, this might be the most realistic Bachelorette season the series has ever had — we shouldn't be critical of those things. But what is Kaitlyn's Bachelor family saying about the situation? Some of the past participants on the show are being vocal about the situation.

Becca Tilley

Becca was the topic of discussion on Chris Soules' season for being a virgin, which is another decision a 20-something year-old is capable of making without others needing to judge her.

Michelle Money

Michelle Money on YouTube

Michelle Money, who has been on all forms of the Bachelor franchise, commends Kaitlyn for opening up a conversation about how sex affects a relationship (and then a relationship on camera, to boot). She also says that slut-shaming is a very serious issue that is not talked about enough (along with this being so widely talked about because Kaitlyn is a Bachelorette versus a Bachelor). The entire vlog is worth watching, since it also opens up a conversation about sex. So much sex talk. Let talk about sex, baby!

Courtney Robertson

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Courtney, who was controversial in her own right, said the following to Us Weekly about the situation: "For me personally, I’m like, you go girl!"

AshLee Frazier

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

AshLee also echoed what others have said about the situation opening up a very normal conversation for people who are dating, especially since the show doesn't really talk about sex at all. AshLee tells Us Weekly , "They don't [talk about it], and I don't know why. I saw not too long ago with Bob Guiney, and he was a playboy out of all of them. I don't know why they don't talk about it. I mean, people have sex. It's a natural thing. Why is it so faux pas? I don't know."

All of the women bring up what I think is the most important point in all of this. The conversation of sex is a very normal, important, and needed conversation to have when dating someone. It's strange that the show doesn't show that conversation happening more. Hopefully, those criticizing Kaitlyn can see this for what it really is, bringing reality into a reality show.

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