'Degrassi: The Next Generation' Music Moments That'll Remind You Just How Talented This School Is — VIDEOS

Ugh, it has been a DAY for fans of a certain long-running Canadian teen soap opera: Thursday, TeenNick announced it and Degrassi: The Next Generation will go their separate ways after Season 14. Commence freakout, because it sounds like the show is donezo for forev— hold up. There might be more to the story, though: Entertainment Weekly reported that there’s a possibility episodes may continue to be produced for a “yet-to-be-named U.S. broadcaster.” Though this news doesn’t seem to be officially confirmed as of yet, I personally really hope that this is the case because I am NOT ready to bid Principal Snake and his charges adieu.

Since it first hit the air back in 2001, I've been a devoted Degrassi: TNG viewer. And yes, as a matter of fact it is a point of pride. I was there during the Noggin era. The The N era. And of course, the TeenNick era. In '04, I hunted down clips of the episodes that didn't make it to the U.S. until '06. I watch Degrassi Goes Hollywood every time it's on cable. So yeah, it's beyond safe to assume that if Degrassi: TNG goes to another channel, I will follow. Whatever it takes, I know I can make it through. If I hold out, I know I can make it through.

Enough of my singing. I'm no vocalist. But do you know who is a great musician? Uh, just about everyone who has ever attended Degrassi Community School. Here are some of my favorite music moments from the last 14 seasons of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Jimmy takes over Ashley's performance

electricimmortal on YouTube

Sensing the crowd wasn't feeling "Tell Me Lies", Jimmy grabs a mic and hits the audience with a freestyle rap.

Downtown Sasquatch performs "Dust"

drwmcn on YouTube

Working song title: "Uh, We're Still Thinking of a Name for It".

Imogen's WhisperHug audition

MissxPetrovax3 on YouTube

Imogen really out-Imogens herself with this one.

Oh, WhisperHug

Degrassi ACES Online on YouTube

Not enough turntable goblet, IMHO.

Paige brings the house down with "Poor Thing"

Degrassi Parodies on YouTube

Hey, Dean? Go directly to Jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200

Jimmy & Spinner spit some fresh rhymes

osnapitsanna on YouTube

I can't feel my face.

Tristan auditions for an emcee gig

Could you imagine following that audition? I'd walk out on the stage and say, "Never mind. I forfeit. Tristan won the whole thing after five seconds. If you don't give this gig to Tristan, I WILL be writing an angry letter to Principal Snake. Thank you for your time."

Zoe thinks she's "Defying Gravity"

❤DegrassiSeason13❤ on YouTube

Poor, poor Zoe :( :( :(

Craig gets a nosebleed in the middle of a show

And no, dry air was not the culprit.

Jenna auditions for a reality singing competition

Ellyssa BaRR on YouTube

Spoiler alert: She makes Next Teen Star. Spoiler alert, part 2: She does not win Next Teen Star.

Karaoke fun times

cheltasticx on YouTube

Maya convinces Cam (R.I.P.) to sing karaoke for the first time. She picks a hilariously difficult song for Cam's maiden karaoke voyage: "I Believe In a Thing Called Love" by the Darkness.

The original theme song

majorgamer1012 on YouTube

What’s that? You want to know if I’m crying right now? DON’T JUDGE ME.

Image: TeenNick