Which 'Southern Charm' Guy Is Your Soulmate? It's Time To Meet Your Prince 'Southern Charm'-ing

Let's say there's a reality show spinoff to the incredible Southern Charm, where the men of Southern Charm are looking for love. What would it be called? I'm going to call it "Prince Southern Charm-ing" and I think Andy Cohen should invest in it, like, yesterday. The men on Southern Charm are all eligible bachelors — minus Whitney, who is dating a model, and whatever the hell is going on with T-Rav and Kathryn — and were looking for love on the most recent season of the series. It would only make sense that Bravo would want to help these men find their one true love. So when Prince Southern Charm-ing begins to air on Bravo in the fall (I'm dreaming big), which gentleman would be your Southern Charm soulmate?

I've got some big plans for Prince Southern Charm-ing; Cameran is the host of the dating show, Patricia is the manners and etiquette teacher, and K. Cooper Ray is brought in for some makeovers! I know, it's perfect. But just incase Prince Southern Charm-ing doesn't take off like I'd like to think it will, I've come up with who your Southern Charm soulmate would be in a simple list form. It's not as extravagant as I imagined for the Southern Charm men, but it is just as accurate. So who would you live happily ever after with in Charleston?

Do You Like To Party, Have An Eye For Business, But Never Want To Grow Up?

Meet Craig, he's the love of your life. You two will get along swimmingly. Craig is a law school graduate, and is finally looking to jump into the adult world of practicing law. A perfect date would include running bar exam flashcards over pizza and lots of wine. Then, you two crazy kids could hit the town and celebrate being adults for the day! Craig is very intelligent, so don't think he is someone who is just here to party. He probably is here to party, but when you get in trouble with the law in the future, Craig is the guy you're going to be glad you have on your side.

Do You Live For Politics, Raising The Roof, And "It's Complicated" Facebook Relationships?

This is Thomas, but you can call him Mr. President. Well, maybe in a few years. Thomas has a long history with politics, having most recently competed for the Senate seat in South Carolina. Thomas lost, but it didn't tarnish his good attitude about the future. Thomas has a daughter, Kensington, who you'll have to get along with. It would also probably help if you like to raise the roof, because Thomas loves to do that. Mr. President does have an achilles heal, like most of us, and that is his Facebook account. If things work out, you'll be changing your status to "In a relationship" in no time, but if they don't, you might be reading a break-up note on Thomas' wall.

Do You Love A Momma's Boy, Hollywood Mover & Shaker, And Guy Who Looks Damn Good In Shades?

This is Whitney, and you guys are perfect for each other. Whitney is not only a hot shot business man — try out his soon-to-be hot spot in Charleston — but he is also a Hollywood producer and director. When he's not yelling "Cut" in Tinseltown, Whitney is back in Charleston, hanging out with his mother, Patricia. Patricia is tough to impress, but if you have her heart, you have Whitney's.

Do You Want Someone Who Gives Tough Love, Makes You Laugh, And Is The Epitome Of A Southern Gentile?

This is Shep. Shep, who has been called a ladies' man before, is perfect for you if you're looking for Prince Southern Charm-ing. Shep is also an entrepreneur, loves to golf, and can get a little goofy at times. But when it comes to helping his friends out, he is always looking out for their best interest. Sometimes Shep offers up some tough love, but know that it's because he wants you to succeed.

Images: Bravo; Robert Ascroft/Bravo (4)