Kathryn Dennis & Craig Conover From 'Southern Charm' Should Give It A Go, And Here's Why

It's an end of an era on Southern Charm with the not-so-shocking break-up of Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis. If you've even slightly followed Southern Charm's Romeo and Juliet over the years, you'd know that these two were doomed from the day Bravo came up with the Charleston-based reality show. After many arguments, infidelity accusations, and run-ins with the law, Kathryn is moving on, and I can't help but already ship her and another player on the Southern Charm charm scene. How great would Kathryn Dennis and Craig Conover be together? Don't answer that yet, because I've come up with a very compelling argument as to why these two should give a relationship a shot.

Besides starring on the same show, I feel like these two have enough in common — more than Kathryn and Thomas at least — to give a relationship a chance. I'm not saying they're going to have some big southern wedding tomorrow — if so, Bravo, please film it — but after coming out of a relationship that was really ugly and so back-and-forth, I think Kathryn can use a fun partner in her life. Here are six very solid reasons why these two would make a great couple IRL and should really consider dating. Just call me cupid.

1. They're Both Models, So They Can Talk About That

These two have a long friendship, but incase conversation ever gets stale, they can talk about their best memories modeling. Or they could collaborate and model together!

2. She Studied Politics, He Graduated Law School, So Watch Out Billary Clinton

Actually, forget Billary Clinton... Watch out Thomas Ravenel. The new political duo is coming for you.

3. They Both Love Taylor Swift

I mean, who doesn't love Taylor Swift? But we'll let them have this.

4. He Has Peter Pan Syndrome, She Has A Baby He Can Live Vicariously Through

Maybe Kensington is a little younger than what Craig wishes he could be (his thing is more growing up, not growing down), but at least hanging around the baby will keep him young, on his toes, and give him more reason to postpone thinking life-after-law school.

5. The Beach Thing Did Or Didn't Happen

We'll probably never know what happened on that beach. But if it got people talking, there must be some type of chemistry that these two have that would worry Whitney & Co. about the beach-cident.

6. They Look Great Together

I think a walrus would look attractive next to these two, regardless, I can picture the wedding now.

Kathryn and Craig, can you please give this a shot. Not only do I think it would make you happy, but it would also — probably — guarantee a Season 3 of the show.

Images: Bravo